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Subject: Re: [9fans] licence question
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2022 17:23:32 -0500	[thread overview]
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On Saturday, 29 January 2022, at 10:42 PM, hiro wrote:
> Proof of concepts have value, too :)
It's quite funny what kind of stuff somebody might dig up in 2 decades
and learn something unexpected from it, happens here all the time.
I'm not saying I will personally have a need for the system, but I'd
like to spread this culture and make sure people share all they can.

As long as it compiles...

Lets take a tv set as an example for a kiosk application thats not far away. What benefit does the user of a tv have if I put the sourcecode of the tv set into the mounted flash device ? Sure everybody could benefit from reading the way I programed embedded circuit but aren't there better ways to share this information ? 

As you remember from the other thread where we talked I am willing and interested to share code of interest for plan9 or derivates of it but therefore I started that discussion. I will use plan9 as a kiosk OS or as a desktop OS and if there is interest in my experiences and if there are others who intend to use this OS also in this way I want to share code, documentation and give support. I'm a software developer since 1986 I wrote a book about Visual C++ and contributed primarily to BSD projects. I don't know long you are part of open sourced software but my first open source software projects date from 1986 published in the german C64 magazines. 

Prior to the MIT licensing of plan9 I didn't use it for distributed software. My preference was OpenBSD and FreeBSD depending on the project. I don't contribute to GPL projects because that doesn't fit my opinion of open source. There are at least 5 mio people on the planet who make a living directly as developers and ten times as much making a living out of developed software products. The free beer philosophy sounds nice but the IT sector is the most important economical sector today. We are not living in paradise and people have to earn money by their work. 

You never asked me to share code I offered that on my own and I started another thread to make it in the right way. I respect the pioneers who developed plan9 at Bell and I don't want to break anything in plan9. I am using plan9 now for my projects ! And I will use it more frequently in the future ! Projects I'm doing for a living will be closed source ! In my spare time I want to support this great project and share code which gives others a good basement to also use plan9 in other ways even commercial ways to make a living out of it but which will also give idealists the opportunity to write code for a better world. I did that in the past and I'm doing it today. BSD and MIT licenses support this and the reason why I decided to give plan9 a try in a real project was the changed license.

I don't disagree to what you said cause I support open source projects and I'm making use of them. But development is not only a hobby of mine but also the way I earn my living. I don't know how things are for you but when I go shopping and am asked for the payment no one will say you don't have to pay because you are sharing everything you can for free. And be assured I'm not ashamed of the fact that I am making a living out of development education or development of software. I want to share some of my work but not all.

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