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From: trebol55555@yandex.ru
To: 9fans@9fans.net
Subject: [9fans] Chords, ^, _, ^B and scroll with mouse wheel in p9p sam
Date: Tue, 31 May 2016 02:34:57 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <36493baa15b236661ef0f0225656755c@debpi> (raw)

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I posted wrong code for Plan 9 by error.

The E script:


if(~ $#* 0){
	echo usage: E file ... >[1=2]
	exit usage

	case /*
		files = ( $files $i )
	case *
		files = ( $files `{cleanname `{pwd}^/$i} )

if(test -f /mnt/term/srv/sam.$user) dest = /mnt/term/srv/sam.$user
if not if(test -f /srv/sam.$user) dest = /srv/sam.$user
if not {
	case *:*
		for(i in $files){
			fi = `{echo $i | sed 's/(.*):[^:]*/\1/'}
			ad = `{echo $i | sed 's/.*:([^:]*)/\1/'}
			plumb -d edit -a 'addr='$"ad'' $fi
	case *
		plumb -d edit $files

case *:*
	for(i in $files)
		echo $i | sed 's/^/B /;s/:(.*)$/\n\1/g' >> $dest
case *
	echo B $files >> $dest

The plumb rules:

# existing files, possibly tagged by line number, go to editor
type is text
data matches '([.a-zA-Z¡-￿0-9_/+\-]*[a-zA-Z¡-￿0-9_/+\-])('$addr')?'
arg isfile	$1
plumb start E $file:$3

## man index entries are synthesized
type is text
data matches '([a-zA-ZÀ-ʨ¡-￿0-9_-./+\-]+)\(([1-8])\)'
plumb start rc -c 'if(test -f /mnt/term/srv/sam.$user) dest = /mnt/term/srv/sam.$user; if not if(test -f /srv/sam.$user) dest = /srv/sam.$user; if not {man '$2' '$1' >[2=1] | plumb -i -d edit -a ''action=showdata filename=/man/'$1'('$2')''; exit}; {echo ''{}''; echo ''B ~~'$1'('$2')~~''; echo ''<man '$2' '$1' >[2=1]''} >>$dest'

# poor man's sam file browser
type is text
data matches '([.a-zA-Z¡-￿0-9_/\-;&$,'']+)'
arg isdir $0
plumb start rc -c 'if(test -f /mnt/term/srv/sam.$user) dest = /mnt/term/srv/sam.$user; if not if(test -f /srv/sam.$user) dest = /srv/sam.$user; if not {plumb -d edit '$dir'; exit}; cd '$dir'; DIR = `{pwd}; {echo ''{}''; echo B $DIR/~~samdir~~; echo '',<echo ~~''$DIR''~~; echo; echo ../;ls -pF ''$DIR''''; echo 0} >>/srv/sam.$user'

## poor man's sam exec in current file's cwd
type is text
data matches '(¤)([a-zA-ZÀ-ʨ¡-￿0-9_\-./\+^,()$:|#%<>*&'' ]+)'
plumb start rc -c 'if(test -f /mnt/term/srv/sam.$user) dest = /mnt/term/srv/sam.$user; if not if(test -f /srv/sam.$user) dest = /srv/sam.$user; if not {echo can''''t find sam server file >[1=2]; exit open}; {cd '$wdir'; {echo '$wdir' ¤'''$2'''; echo; {'$2'}; echo} >/tmp/sam_ecfcwd_$pid >[2=1]; {echo ''{}''; echo B '$wdir'^/~~cmd~~; echo ''$''; echo ''<cat /tmp/sam_ecfcwd_''$pid; echo ''!rm /tmp/sam_ecfcwd_''$pid} >>$dest}'

I've tested it in 9front, and all works good. Of course you can delete
all the acme part if you don't use it.

Remember that you have to edit samterm/io.c to create always the pipe


And in P9P you need to set the shell to rc in sam/unix.c
	#define SHNAME "rc"
	#define SHPATHNAME "/usr/local/plan9/bin/rc"
Or adapt the rules for sh...


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