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From: Lucio De Re <lucio.dere@gmail.com>
To: 9fans <9fans@9fans.net>
Subject: Re: [9fans] Sponsoring a new Intro book by the Flan 9 Poundationy
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2022 07:36:36 +0200	[thread overview]
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Microftiv deserves the same kind of respect as Nemo and I think - he
can correct me in private if I'm mistaken, I'll publish the correction
if requested to - the former meant to express that respect, but his
subconscious nabbed him.

I also feel the pressure of wanting to work with like minded people,
it's a strong emotional challenge and isn't exactly unjustified. In
fact, this mailing list comes closest to my comfort zone precisely
because Plan 9 is a choice, not a fashionable one.

One could be even more materialistic, but that's not necessary, just
accept that Microftiv was being defensive, without realising he verged
beyond the offensive.

As for everyone else needing to voice an opinion - including myself -
what is your excuse for insulting people of whom you know only one
facet of their personality?


On 1/25/22, hiro <23hiro@gmail.com> wrote:
> adr, you seem overly invested only judging from the amount of text,
> where you counter politics, with more politics, and shitty extremely
> uninformed rhetorics.
> contrary to your claims, mycroftiv has always stood by his opinions
> (which often differed from mine) and always backed everything up with
> good reason. his reasoning is actually sound.
> mycroftiv has been keeping on dialog for a long time, for everybody
> who was actually interested.
> he is also presenting this opinion in some rare emails to bigger
> public like 9fans. i think this is meant to be an invitation for
> further discourse, as it's never quite overwhelming, not like the
> constant flooding of shitty bots on this list.
> it's also quite believable that he is *overly* concerned about the
> reaction on here, which might make it very hard to say anything at all
> (unlike me who doesn't care about my appearance anywhere). by contrast
> of our very unalike personalities i seem to relate, much better than
> you can, with what is nearly my opposite.
> maybe what you (cowardly) are trying to express is that mycroftiv is a
> troll? well i might be, he certainly is not. there is never any
> *trickery* in his arguments. not much *playing around* with people.
> don't mistake openness, and possible illnesses, with trolling, or markov
> chains.
> On 1/24/22, adr <adr@sdf.org> wrote:
>> People has different points of view about how sociaty is organized.
>> This can change with time along the way of ones life, sometimes
>> not. The only way you can promote ideas you think are best for the
>> future is through dialog, engaging _all_ different kinds of people
>> in the conversation.
>> There is a trend now which has came up thanks to the application
>> of technology to the most stupid behavior of people in general,
>> the so called social media. This allows people who doesn't do really
>> anything for anyone to pretend to others and themselves that they
>> are some kind of brave justice warriors, but acting in the most
>> cowardly way, twisting words getting them out of context, making
>> up _rules_ so they can justify attacks and insults to the next poor
>> bastard. Yes, the next because there is going to be another one,
>> always.
>> Witnessing this on this mailing list makes me sick.
>> One thing I like of old school computer science mailing list is
>> that complete different people engage in conversations and work
>> together no matter what political views these people have. There
>> is room for some healthy discussion on these matters, and normally
>> it ends by itself when boundaries are crossed. I've seen this
>> discussions in other lists, and always -when no child(mental) are
>> involved- there is an effort to keep a friendly atmosphere at the
>> end.
>> I've read the books of Ballesteros. Yes, say the name you coward.
>> The only thing I can say about them is that they need a revision
>> to a most correct English. Is not easy when you are not a native
>> speaker. I can notice it when I read it, but I can make the same
>> mistakes in this very same mail I'm writing.
>> Maybe some native speaker could help on this.
>> "support oppression"
>> "maybe I have heard secondhand"
>> "fight against right wing ideas"
>> You see, I don't know you, either Ballesteros, and maybe I would
>> agree more with the ideas you could _recite_ over a cup of coffee,
>> but I'm pretty sure a conversation with Ballesteros (whatever ideas
>> he has) would be more exiting and productive.
>> This "Tell me only what I want to hear, or we'll ban you" crap...
>> I think you are not bipolar, you are just another piece of Mr. Hankey.
>> This list is becoming a South Park Christmas special...
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_IMpq_pCvo
>>> Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2022 05:12:10 -0600
>>> From: mycroftiv 9gridchan <mycroftiv@sphericalharmony.com>
>>> Reply-To: 9fans <9fans@9fans.net>
>>> To: 9fans@9fans.net
>>> Subject: [9fans] Sponsoring a new Intro book by the Flan 9 Poundation
>>> Hi 9fans, Got some new ideas im excited about right now.
>>> Apparently the author of the well-known 'intro to OS abstractions'
>>> book has political views that are not cool and support oppression
>>> maybe I have heard secondhand.
>>> We need a better book to introduce people to 9.
>>> I'd like to see something created that talks about all forms of 9 and
>>> of the ANTS variant especially since if im bipolar and spending my
>>> money to try to help plan 9, im obviously also gonna be hyping my
>>> stuff along with trying to fight against right wing ideas.
>>> The cause to make plan 9 an accepting welcoming community for all
>>> humans requires good information resources and support.
>>> The funny-named organization I just thought up, The Flan 9 Poundation,
>>> offers a bounty from me personally of at least $200 for producing this
>>> content. The name is an obvious namespace pun. We want to work in a
>>> friendly way with everyone but we also want good stuff and peace and
>>> support for minority trans disabled mentally wacked out
>>> counterculture.
>>> Peace and love and lets make Plan 9 amazing and full of rainbow love,
>>> JenBen

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