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From: Stanley Lieber <sl@stanleylieber.com>
To: 9front@9front.org
Subject: Re: [9front] audio/mkplist vs errors
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2022 18:07:41 -0400	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <00E53A9D-EC67-4B42-B68C-B8C44BFAE70F@stanleylieber.com> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <A4A268A7C52632D0F8AD1300AA12C501@ftrv.se>

34614 tracks on a fat32 formatted usb drive attached to a remote openbsd machine mounted over sshfs.

errors look something like this (truncated example from the tail end; there were a lot):

8-Tical_2000/21_Snuffed_Out_Skit_ft_Streetlife-Method_Man.flac: no duration
/n/rachael/n/no1/music/flac/Method_Man/Method_Man/Albums/1998-Tical_2000/22_Elements_ft_Star_Polite-Method_Man.flac: no duration
/n/rachael/n/no1/music/flac/Method_Man/Method_Man/Albums/1998-Tical_2000/23_Killin_Fields-Method_Man.flac: no duration
/n/rachael/n/no1/music/flac/Method_Man/Method_Man/Albums/1998-Tical_2000/24_Big_Dogs_ft_Redman-Method_Man.flac: no duration
/n/rachael/n/no1/music/flac/Method_Man/Method_Man/Albums/1998-Tical_2000/25_Break_Ups_2_Make_Ups_ft_DAngelo-Method_Man.flac: no duration
/n/rachael/n/no1/music/flac/Method_Man/Method_Man/Albums/1998-Tical_2000/26_Message_From_Penny_Skit-Method_Man.flac: no duration
/n/rachael/n/no1/music/flac/Method_Man/Method_Man/Albums/1998-Tical_2000/27_Judgement_Day-Method_Man.flac: no duration
/n/rachael/n/no1/music/flac/Method_Man/Method_Man/Albums/1998-Tical_2000/28_C.E.O.Utro-Method_Man.flac: no duration
audio/mkplist: /n/rachael/n/no1/music/flac/Method_Man/Method_Man/Singles/Method�Man�&�Redman�-�How�High�(1995)�(Def�Jam): '.../Method_Man/Singles/Method�Man�&�Redman�-�How�High�(1995)�(Def�Jam)' does not exist

> On Aug 25, 2022, at 5:38 PM, Sigrid Solveig Haflínudóttir <sigrid@ftrv.se> wrote:
> Quoth Stanley Lieber <sl@stanleylieber.com>:
>> ; audio/mkplist /n/rachael/n/no1/music/flac >lib/plist
>> any errors encountered, such as mangled filenames on alien file systems (fat32) that cannot actually be accessed by plan 9, or files mkplist interprets as having “no duration” result in no output at all. mkplist ran over my entire music collection (over 1tb of files), printing occasional errors of this nature, and finally produced a zero byte file. in a test, i ran it over a subset of files that generated no such errors, and a working plist was produced.
> I cannot reproduce here.  Could you give more details on what the
> errors look like?  How many tracks do you have?
> ;  audio/mkplist /n/w/_/edk2/EmulatorPkg/Unix/Host/
> /n/w/_/edk2/EmulatorPkg/Unix/Host/X11IncludeHack: '/n/w/_/edk2/EmulatorPkg/Unix/Host/X11IncludeHack' does not exist
> /n/w/_/edk2/EmulatorPkg/Unix/Host/55db501c53ce45804c81307e9433064d72e38e13.svn-base: no duration
> /n/w/_/edk2/EmulatorPkg/Unix/Host/2.mp3: '/n/w/_/edk2/EmulatorPkg/Unix/Host/2.mp3' permission denied
> no artists: /n/w/_/edk2/EmulatorPkg/Unix/Host/55db501c53ce45804c81307e9433064d72e38e13.svn-base
> p /n/w/_/edk2/EmulatorPkg/Unix/Host/55db501c53ce45804c81307e9433064d72e38e13.svn-base
> f mod
> t ëPNG
> p /n/w/_/edk2/EmulatorPkg/Unix/Host/1.mp3
> f mp3
> A cinap
> a 9front
> t mckinsey2
> T 0
> D 55408
> found 2 tagged tracks

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