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From: iguana <iguana@firemail.cc>
To: 9front@9front.org
Subject: [9front] External monitor
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2022 16:44:14 -0600	[thread overview]
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Hi 9front,

I have a Dell Latitude E6520 with an Nvidia N12P-NS2 graphics card. The 
built in display works fine using monitor=vesa and vgasize=1920x1080x32.
I would like to use an external display using the built in VGA or HDMI 
ports, but I am not sure how to set it.
I attached the output of aux/vga -p. The lines starting with edid appear 
when I plug in a VGA monitor, but not for HDMI.

Any tips?

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vesa flag            Ulinear|Hlinear|Fsnarf
vesa sig            VESA 3.0
vesa oem            NVIDIA 117.25
vesa vendor         NVIDIA Corporation
vesa product        nVIDIA N12P-NS2  - mcln0561
vesa rev            Chip Rev   
vesa cap             8-bit-dac
vesa mem            14680064
vesa mode           0x100 640x400x8 m8 packed
vesa mode           0x101 640x480x8 m8 packed
vesa mode           0x103 800x600x8 m8 packed
vesa mode           0x105 1024x768x8 m8 packed
vesa mode           0x107 1280x1024x8 m8 packed
vesa mode           0x10e 320x200x16 r5g6b5 direct
vesa mode           0x10f 320x200x32 x8r8g8b8 direct
vesa mode           0x111 640x480x16 r5g6b5 direct
vesa mode           0x112 640x480x32 x8r8g8b8 direct
vesa mode           0x114 800x600x16 r5g6b5 direct
vesa mode           0x115 800x600x32 x8r8g8b8 direct
vesa mode           0x117 1024x768x16 r5g6b5 direct
vesa mode           0x118 1024x768x32 x8r8g8b8 direct
vesa mode           0x11a 1280x1024x16 r5g6b5 direct
vesa mode           0x11b 1280x1024x32 x8r8g8b8 direct
vesa mode           0x130 320x200x8 m8 packed
vesa mode           0x131 320x400x8 m8 packed
vesa mode           0x132 320x400x16 r5g6b5 direct
vesa mode           0x133 320x400x32 x8r8g8b8 direct
vesa mode           0x134 320x240x8 m8 packed
vesa mode           0x135 320x240x16 r5g6b5 direct
vesa mode           0x136 320x240x32 x8r8g8b8 direct
vesa mode           0x13d 640x400x16 r5g6b5 direct
vesa mode           0x13e 640x400x32 x8r8g8b8 direct
vesa mode           0x14b 1920x1080x8 m8 packed
vesa mode           0x14c 1920x1080x16 r5g6b5 direct
vesa mode           0x14d 1920x1080x32 x8r8g8b8 direct
vesa mode           0x160 1280x800x8 m8 packed
vesa mode           0x161 1280x800x32 x8r8g8b8 direct
edid mfr            GWY
edid serialstr      
edid name           30
edid product        1737
edid serial         0
edid version        1.3
edid mfrdate        2004.20
edid size (cm)      34x27
edid gamma          2.20
edid vert (Hz)      56-75
edid horz (Hz)      30000-83000
edid pclkmax        140000000
edid flags           activeoff
edid 1280x1024@60Hz 
		shb=1328 ehb=1440 ht=1688
		vrs=1025 vre=1028 vt=1066
		hsync=+ vsync=+ 
edid 1280x1024@75Hz 
		shb=1296 ehb=1440 ht=1688
		vrs=1025 vre=1028 vt=1066
		hsync=+ vsync=+ 
edid 1024x768@75Hz  
		shb=1040 ehb=1136 ht=1312
		vrs=769 vre=772 vt=800
		hsync=+ vsync=+ 
edid 1024x768@60Hz  
		shb=1048 ehb=1184 ht=1344
		vrs=771 vre=777 vt=806
		hsync=- vsync=- 
edid 800x600@75Hz   
		shb=816 ehb=896 ht=1056
		vrs=601 vre=604 vt=625
		hsync=+ vsync=+ 
edid 800x600@60Hz   
		shb=840 ehb=968 ht=1056
		vrs=601 vre=605 vt=628
		hsync=+ vsync=+ 
edid 640x480@75Hz   
		shb=656 ehb=720 ht=840
		vrs=481 vre=484 vt=500
		hsync=- vsync=- 
edid 640x480@60Hz   
		shb=656 ehb=752 ht=800
		vrs=490 vre=492 vt=525
		hsync=- vsync=- 

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