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From: chris@chrisfroeschl.de
To: 9front@9front.org
Subject: Re: [9front] Mail server setup
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2022 17:27:30 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <6C554CE0DC8C38610323264719200C54@chrisfroeschl.de> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <f4db9852-c030-4572-b02e-67b0abf21c3e@sirjofri.de>

> Results are 9/10, and the missing points are: No DKIM, no 
> unsubscribe-header.

Indeed I got the same after sending a 'real' message. Nice!

> That sounds like an error in /mail/lib files. See the rewrite file there 
> and also the smtpd.conf file, I guess. I don't know the exact details, so 
> have fun.

Still struggeling with 3.)  and 4.)  . I'm certain they are the same
problem.  My server always responds to the client (9 client aswell as
a linux client) after trying to send to chris@test.chrisfroeschl.de :

cirno Aug 12 16:37:40 delivery chris@test.chrisfroeschl.de  at tcp!test.chrisfroeschl.de!587 (test.chrisfroeschl.de: rcptto failed: 550 5.1.1 test.chrisfroeschl.de!chris ... user unknown

While logging on the server:

test.chrisfroeschl.de Aug 12 16:38:13 Disallowed test.chrisfroeschl.de!chris (cirno.fritz.box/ to blocked name test.chrisfroeschl.de!chris

This feels like a /mail/lib/rewrite issue.  Resulting from a faulty
upas/aliasmail or unmatched alias.

 From my understanding test.chrisfroeschl.de!chris should be resolved by

\l!(.*)		alias	\1

to 'chris', followed by

[^!@]+	translate	"/bin/upas/aliasmail '&'"

resulting in 'local!chris', and finally followed by

local!(.*)	>>	/mail/box/\1/mbox

appending the mail to /mail/box/chris/mbox .

Or isn't the real rewrite input 'test.chrisfroeschl.de!chris'?

I feel like I read every resource on those /mail/lib files a thousand
times, but I'm not able to see anything by now.  I tried plenty of
stuff, but I will share (hopefully for the last time) my current updated
configs in case someone can see a mistake:

cpu% cat /mail/lib/rewrite
# case conversion for postmaster
pOsTmAsTeR	alias	postmaster

\l!(.*)				alias	\1
\l\.test.chrisfroeschl.de!(.*)	alias	\1
(test.chrisfroeschl.de)!(.*)	alias	\2

# translate local aliases from /mail/lib/namefiles
\"(.+)\"			translate	"/bin/upas/aliasmail '\1'"
[^!@]+				translate	"/bin/upas/aliasmail '&'"

local!"(.+)"			>>		/mail/box/\1/mbox
local!(.*)			>>		/mail/box/\1/mbox

# convert source domain address to a chain a@b@c@d...
@([^@!,]*):([^!@]*)@([^!]*)		alias	\2@\3@\1
@([^@!]*),@([^!@,]*):([^!@]*)@([^!]*)	alias	@\1:\3@\4@\2

# convert a chain a@b@c@d... to ...d!c!b!a
([^@]+)@([^@]+)@(.+)	alias		\2!\1@\3
([^@]+)@([^@]+)		alias		\2!\1

# queue all mail for delivery
([^!]*)!(.*) 		| 		"/mail/lib/qmail '\s' 'net!\1'" "'\2'"
cpu% cat /mail/lib/smtpd.conf 
defaultdomain		test.chrisfroeschl.de
norelay			on
verifysenderdom		off
saveblockedmsg		off
ourdomains		test.chrisfroeschl.de
cpu% walk -exp /mail/
a-rw-rw---- /mail/box/glenda/mbox/1659696218.00
a-rw-rw---- /mail/box/glenda/mbox/1659696248.00
a-rw-rw---- /mail/box/glenda/mbox/1659696323.00
d-rwxrwxrwx /mail/box/glenda/mbox
d-rwxrwxr-x /mail/box/glenda
a-rw-r----- /mail/box/chris/mbox/1660242093.00
a-rw-r----- /mail/box/chris/mbox/1660299006.00
d-rwxr-xr-x /mail/box/chris/mbox
-lrw------- /mail/box/chris/mbox.idx
-lrw------- /mail/box/chris/L.mbox
--rwxr-xr-x /mail/box/chris/mbox.imp
a-rw-r----- /mail/box/chris/Sent/1660226710.00
a-rw-r----- /mail/box/chris/Sent/1660309584.00
d-rwxr-xr-x /mail/box/chris/Sent
-lrw------- /mail/box/chris/Sent.idx
--rwxr-xr-x /mail/box/chris/Sent.imp
--rw-r--r-- /mail/box/chris/imap.subscribed
d-rwxr-xr-x /mail/box/chris/Trash
-lrw------- /mail/box/chris/Trash.idx
--rwxr-xr-x /mail/box/chris/Trash.imp
a-rw-r----- /mail/box/chris/Drafts/1660309938.00
d-rwxr-xr-x /mail/box/chris/Drafts
-lrw------- /mail/box/chris/Drafts.idx
--rwxr-xr-x /mail/box/chris/Drafts.imp
d-rwxr-xr-x /mail/box/chris
d-rwxrwxr-x /mail/box
d-rwxrwxr-x /mail/faxoutqueue
d-rwxrwxr-x /mail/faxqueue
d-r-xr-xr-x /mail/fs
d-rwxrwxr-x /mail/grey
--rw-rw-r-- /mail/lib/blocked
--rw-rw-r-- /mail/lib/classify.re
--rwxrwxr-x /mail/lib/gone.fishing
--rwxrwxr-x /mail/lib/justqmail
--rwxrwxr-x /mail/lib/kickqueue
--rwxrwxr-x /mail/lib/lazyqmail
--rw-rw-r-- /mail/lib/namefiles
--rw-rw-r-- /mail/lib/names.local
--rw-rw-r-- /mail/lib/pipeto.bayes
--rw-rw-r-- /mail/lib/prof.mbox
--rw-rw-r-- /mail/lib/prof.spam
--rwxrwxr-x /mail/lib/remotemail
--rw-rw-r-- /mail/lib/rewrite.direct
--rw-rw-r-- /mail/lib/rewrite.gateway
--rwxrwxr-x /mail/lib/setup.bayes
--rw-rw-r-- /mail/lib/smtpd.conf
--rwxrwxr-x /mail/lib/validateaddress
--rwxrwxr-x /mail/lib/validateattachment
--rw-rw-r-- /mail/lib/white.starter
--rw-rw-r-- /mail/lib/gone.msg
--rw-rw-r-- /mail/lib/ignore
--rwxrwxr-x /mail/lib/isspam.rc
--rwxrwxr-x /mail/lib/mailnews
--rwxrwxr-x /mail/lib/msgcat.rc
--rw-rw-r-- /mail/lib/patterns
--rw-rw-r-- /mail/lib/pipeto.lib
--rwxrwxr-x /mail/lib/qmail
--rw-rw-r-- /mail/lib/rewrite
--rwxrwxr-x /mail/lib/spam.rc
--rwxrwxr-x /mail/lib/unspam.rc
d-rwxrwxr-x /mail/lib
-lrw-rw-rw- /mail/queue/none/L.mbox
d-rwxrwxrwx /mail/queue/none
d-rwxrwxrwx /mail/queue/none
d-rwxrwxrwx /mail/queue
d-rwxrwxrwx /mail/tmp
d-rwxrwxr-x /mail
cpu% cat /bin/service/tcp25
user=`{cat /dev/user}
exec /bin/upas/smtpd -c /sys/lib/tls/cert -n $3
cpu% cat /bin/service/tcp587 
user=`{cat /dev/user}
exec /bin/upas/smtpd -a -d -e -c /sys/lib/tls/cert -n $3
cpu% cat /lib/ndb/local

sys=test.chrisfroeschl.de fs=test.chrisfroeschl.de auth=test.chrisfroeschl.de smtp=test.chrisfroeschl.de mail=test.chrisfroeschl.de authdom=chrisfroeschl.de ether=76c4f3d364a1 ip= ipmask= ipgw=

I don't seem to get to remotemail or qmail (like expected because it
should be a local mbox append inside rewrite, right?). That's why I
don't mind them for now.

I changed my sysname to the actual domain aswell as most other entries
associated with it after having mail score issues with my previous one
(chrisfroeschl).  I hope that's not an issue.

PS: Thanks william@thinktankworkspaces.com for the link.  Got some
more insights, but nothing final for now from it.


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