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From: igor@9lab.org
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Subject: [9front] 9front on MacBook Pro Late 2013
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2022 02:42:48 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <C74F855B44E9CF67E7E298883ABAFAEA@9lab.org> (raw)

Has anyone managed to get 9front up and running on a macbook pro late
2013⁽¹⁾ or later?

I am aware of unobes successful efforts using early 2011 macbook

Unfortunately, using latest 9front bootable USB image⁽³⁾ on a late
2013 macbook pro ends up like this (transcribed output):

Plan 9
HPET: fed00000 8086a701 14 MHz
85 holes free
0x0002c000 0x00058000 180224
0x00059000 0x0008f000 221184
0x00090000 0x0009f000 61440
0x00100000 0x00110000 65536
0x005a1000 0x6f97c000 1866313728
0x70fb0000 0x71d7d000 14471168
0x72b4a000 0x733c9000 8908800
0x734f0000 0x73535000 282624
0x73555000 0x7357c000 159744
0x73588000 0x73592000 40960
0x735d9000 0x735e2000 36864
0x735e8000 0x7362a000 270336
0x7362f000 0x73630000 4096
0x73633000 0x73636000 12288
0x73637000 0x7366d000 221184
0x73670000 0x7368c000 114688
0x73691000 0x73693000 8192
0x73696000 0x73699000 12288
0x73696000 0x7369f000 16384
0x736ae000 0x736b0000 8192
0x73665000 0x736b7000 8192
0x736bc000 0x736be000 8192
0x736c2000 0x736c4000 8192
0x736ca000 0x736cc000 8192
0x736d1000 0x736d3000 8192
0x73628000 0x736da000 8192
0x736de000 0x736e0000 8192
0x736e5000 0x736e7000 8192
0x736ec000 0x736ee000 8192
0x736f3000 0x736f5000 8192
0x736f9000 0x736fe000 20480
0x73700000 0x73703000 12288
0x73706000 0x73709000 12288
0x7370b000 0x7370e000 12288
0x7370f000 0x73755000 286720
0x7375e000 0x73760000 8192
0x73761000 0x737b2000 331776
0x73767000 0x73769000 8192
0x737cc000 0x737d5000 36864
0x73811000 0x73817000 24576
0x73820000 0x73828000 32768
0x73843000 0x73847000 16384
0x75ac3000 0x75ad0000 53248
1892347904 bytes free
cpu0: 2601MHz GenuineIntel P6 (AX 00040651 CX 77FAFBBF DX BFEBFBFF)
LAPIC: fee00000 Oxfffffe80fee00000
ec: cmd 66, data 62
amlmapio: no address
amlmapio: mapping \_SB.PCIO.RP02.A1E0 failed
amlmapio: no address
amlmapio: mapping \_SB.PCIO.RP03.A1E0 failed
ELCR: 0000
cpu0: lapic clock at 100MHz
cpu2: 2601MHz GenuineIntel P6 (AX 00040651 CX 77FAFBBF DX BFEBFBFF)
cpu1: 2601MHz GenuineIntel P6 (AX 00040651 CX 77FAFBBF DX BFEBFBFF)
cpu3: 2601MHz GenuineIntel P6 (AX 00040651 CX 77FAFBBF DX BFEBFBFF)
¡8042: kbd init failed
#AO: hda men b0a14000 irg 0
#A0: no audio codecs found
usbxhci: 0x8086 0x9c31: port b0a00000 size 65536 irq 0
7493M memory: 1810M kernel data, 5683M user, 6308M swap
cpu0: spurious interrupt 144, last 0
bootfs: Sat Jan 15 22:59:51 GMT 2022
fingerprint: 1593c53884baeb502358f8386f896b6088ecac13
nusb/usbd: /dev/usb/ep3.0: opendevdata:'/dev/usb/ep3.0/data' ???

Other than don't use apple HW does anyone have suggestions where to
start debugging/looking for issues given the above output?

Thanks in advance.



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