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From: adventures in9 <adventuresin9@gmail.com>
To: 9front@9front.org
Subject: Re: [9front] 9front on spim
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2022 17:40:25 -0700	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <CAPfmpJBOCzFYrcAeGAuiTHicoPUH-xQBsUiTp8rLuOgh0Z5eyA@mail.gmail.com> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <e0de078a-1b2e-b451-0974-85c7cce1a493@fjrhome.net>

I just tried a /sys/src mk all and it is giving me similar errors too.

cd 9src
mk all
0l  -o 0.stty stty.0
0l  -o 0.tar tar.0
0l  -o 0.cc cc.0
lock: undefined: _tas
(856)    JAL    ,_tas+0(SB)
lock: undefined: _tas
(856)    JAL    ,_tas+0(SB)
lock: undefined: _tas
(856)    JAL    ,_tas+0(SB)
mk: 0l  -o ...  : exit status=rc 324833: vl 324839: error
mk: cd 9src mk all  : exit status=rc 324830: mk 324832: error
mk: mk lib.all mk ...  : exit status=rc 324142: mk 324829: error
mk: date for (i ...  : exit status=rc 323149: rc 324140: mk 324141: error

I also tried it with objtype=mips, and it builds without error.

I ran objtype=spim and mk all again, and got a similar error.

Then just to be sure, I did mk clean, and ran mk all again, and this
time it it finished building.

0c -FTVw cpufp.c
warning: v8e.c:89 param declared and not used: file
0c -FTVw mem.c
0c -FTVw sys.c
0l  -o 0.out v8e.0 cpu.0 cpubcd.0 cpufp.0 mem.0 sys.0
Mon Jul  4 17:33:38 PDT 2022
cpu% echo $objtype

So it might just be an issue of something getting left behind from
building for other architectures.  Like I mentioned before, spim is
sort of an odd one because the 0c compiler is just a script that calls
"exec vc -l $*"

Try mk clean and then build just objtype=spim

On Mon, Jul 4, 2022 at 5:02 PM Frank D. Engel, Jr. <fde101@fjrhome.net> wrote:
> For reference, I am actually doing the build from an arm64 system
> (Raspberry Pi) and getting "up to date" when running sysupdate, and when
> I cd /sys/src then objtype=spim mk all I am getting a bunch of the
> typical working stuff followed by variations of the following at the end:
> pcc -c -Fw -D_POSIX_SOURCE -D_PLAN9_SOURCE -I. ../../../libc/9sys/idn.c
> cpp: /sys/include/ape/fmt.h:26 ./libc.h:21 ctime.c:1 Could not find
> include file <stdarg.h>
> pcc: 0c: cpp 201201: error
> mk: pcc -c -Fw ...  : exit status=rc 201186: pcc 201193: 0c: cpp 201201:
> error<eof> not a function
> <eof> syntax error, last name: ex
> cpp: /sys/include/ape/fmt.h:26 ./libc.h:21 ../../../libc/9sys/idn.c:2
> Could not find include file <stdarg.h>
> cpp: /sys/include/ape/fmt.h:26 ./libc.h:21 ../../../libc/port/crypt.c:11
> Could not find include file <stdarg.h>
> pcc: 0c: cpp 201197: error
> pcc: 0c: cpp 201200: error
> cpp: /sys/include/ape/fmt.h:26 ./libc.h:21
> ../../../libc/port/getfields.c:2 Could not find include file <stdarg.h>
> <eof> syntax error, last name: Rune
> <eof> not a function
> <eof> syntax error, last name: ext
> pcc: 0c: cpp 201204: error
> mk: for (i in ...  : exit status=rc 201180: rc 201182: mk 201183: error
> mk: cd lib mk all  : exit status=rc 201174: mk 201176: error
> mk: mk lib.all mk ...  : exit status=rc 201171: mk 201173: error
> mk: date for (i ...  : exit status=rc 200132: rc 201169: mk 201170: error
> glenda@brains1% <eof> not a function
> <eof> syntax error, last name: runestrstr
> On 7/4/22 7:21 PM, ori@eigenstate.org wrote:
> > Quoth adventures in9 <adventuresin9@gmail.com>:
> >> I'll make this a separate thread for anyone who wants to talk about spim
> >> specifically.
> >>
> >> I saw spim mentioned in the Port Status thread.  I haven't had any trouble
> >> building for spim, and some of the missing parts might just be because it
> >> is building off code stored in "mips" but does it with with the "spim"
> >> compiler, which is really just a script with the mips compiler set with a
> >> little-endian flag.
> >>
> >> As for hardware, I've been using the Onion Omega 2.  I've also found
> >> several Chinese router boards that also use the MT7688.  I have got it to
> >> start booting on the Onion, but haven't finished it up yet.  I haven't
> >> touched it in a couple months, but what I have done so far is here:
> >>
> >> https://github.com/adventuresin9/9front-mt7688
> >>
> >> I'm pretty sure the Loongson and Ingenic mips chips are also little endian,
> >> so there are a few systems out there that would use spim.
> >>
> >> My goal was to use the Onion Omega 2 kits to set up i2c sensors and control
> >> lights and such around my house.  I also got a MT7688 based router, to make
> >> a 9front based wifi router with.  And a MT7621 based router, which is
> >> similar but dual core.
> >>
> >> So, if anyone wants to help, I do have some little endian mips hardware to
> >> test on.
> > Awesome. Please send patches when you're ready!
> >
> >

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