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From: "Frank D. Engel, Jr." <fde101@fjrhome.net>
To: 9front@9front.org
Subject: Re: [9front] Cannot install 9front
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2022 16:06:17 -0400	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <d5e47f8d-57de-0798-9529-f23e84c3e258@fjrhome.net> (raw)
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For whatever it is worth, my Mac (macOS 12) doesn't like the images either.

Disk Utility won't even list the partitions on it.

If I run hdiutil imageinfo on it from the command line I get a few 
details on the partitions but a few lines later it exits telling me that 
the utility had an "internal error".

I tried grabbing an older image from one of the mirror sites and it is 
doing the same.

The first partition is marked as a standard ISO filesystem which 
probably contains the bulk of the operating system.

The second one might be an empty/blank partition?

The third filesystem is the FAT filesystem which is likely being 
referenced below.  If that is what you were able to mount under windows, 
it sounds like it contains the EFI boot loader.

Regardless, the fact that the utility can't even give the full info 
without hitting that "internal error" suggests that whatever process is 
being used to create these images is causing them to become corrupted or 
to otherwise be set up in some nonstandard way that is confusing the 

I do find "Partitioned: false" to be rather curious after three 
partitions were listed just above that...  but I may simply be 
misunderstanding what that particular piece of output is trying to say.

                         partition-name: Master Boot Record
                         partition-start: 0
                         partition-synthesized: true
                         partition-length: 1
                         partition-hint: MBR
                         partition-name: PLAN 9 FRONT (AMD64)
                         partition-start: 1
                         partition-synthesized: true
                         partition-length: 947071
                         partition-hint: Apple_ISO
                         partition-start: 947072
                         partition-synthesized: true
                         partition-length: 1152
                         partition-hint: Apple_Free
                         partition-start: 948224
                         partition-number: 1
                         partition-length: 2048
                         partition-hint: Type EF
                                 FAT12: CYLINDRICAL
         burnable: true
Format Description: raw read/write
Checksum Value:
         Encrypted: false
         Kernel Compatible: true
         Checksummed: false
         Software License Agreement: false
         Partitioned: false
         Compressed: no
Backing Store Information:
         Class Name: CBSDBackingStore
hdiutil: imageinfo failed - internal error

On 8/20/22 3:08 PM, M. Osman Talayman wrote:
> My Windows computer could not see the USB drive, so I went to disk
> management to check. It was there. It has three partitions. Two are
> listed as not allocated.
> I gave the drive a drive letter, but all I can see on the drive is the
> file "9bootfat" and a directory "efi". In that directory there is a
> directory "boot" and inside that are two files of insignificant size
> "bootia32.efi" and "bootx64.efi". That's it.
> I have flashed the stick again, but I get the same result.
> Maybe something is wrong with BelenaEtcher...
> I then tried the mashing the keys on boot. That gave me a command
> promt. I tried writing the parameters, but boot stoped at the same
> place as before
> /Osman
> Den lør. 20. aug. 2022 kl. 20.28 skrev <smj@9p.sdf.org>:
>> Quoth M. Osman Talayman <talayman@gmail.com>:
>>> I'm sorry, I am new to Plan9
>>> Where should I type these boot paramters? I can type at the boot
>>> screen right after it stops booting, but nothing happens when I press
>>> enter
>> Boot windows on your computer and plug in the USB or SD card then you should
>> see the FAT file system mount as 'CYLINDRICAL'.  In there you will find a
>> plan9.ini file where you can edit and set the necessary parameters you need.
>> You can try the individually mentioned ones in 9.5.2 or just for the ethernet
>> and see how far you go.

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