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From: Francois Berenger <>
Subject: [Caml-list] [ANN] latest batteries release: v3.3.0
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2021 17:08:49 +0900	[thread overview]
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Dear OCaml users,

The batteries maintainers are pleased to announce the latest minor 
release of OCaml batteries-included: v3.3.0.

Batteries is an open-source, community-maintained, extended standard 
library for OCaml.
The latest version is available in opam.

Many thanks to all the contributors for this release!

This version is compatible with OCaml-4.12 and brings some minor 

The change log follows:

v3.3.0 (minor release)

     Several fixes for OCaml-4.12
     #994, #992,

     Support for ocaml-multicore in the Gc module
     (kit-ty-kate, review by Gabriel Scherer)

     Significant work preparing switch to dune
     #1025, #1024, #1023, #1022, #1021, #1020, #1019, #1017
     (Gabriel Scherer, review by Francois Berenger)

     Remove -rectypes from BatFingerTree and simpler implementation
     (Gabriel Scherer)

     new BatEither module; available in all OCaml versions supported by 
     The implementation comes from the stdlib and is due to Gabriel 
     (Francois Berenger, review by Gabriel Scherer)

     BatList.partition_map: ('a → ('b, 'c) BatEither.t) → 'a list →
     'b list * 'c list
     (Francois Berenger, review by Gabriel Scherer)

     BatSet: added several missing methods for compatibility with stdlib.
     The implementation of filter, map and filter_map was adapted from
     stdlib, authors of the original implementation are Xavier Leroy,
     Albin Coquereau and Gabriel Scherer
     #1006, #1008
     (Jakob Krainz, review by Gabriel Scherer)

     BatSeq: compatibility with stdlib.Seq
     #1005, #1007
     (Jakob Krainz, review by Gabriel Scherer)

     BatMap, BatSplay: find_first, find_first_opt, find_last, 
     For compatibility with the stdlib.
     The implementation in BatMap was adapted from stdlib;
     authors of the original implementation are Albin Coquereau
     and Gabriel de Perthuis.
     #1000, #1031
     (Jakob Krainz, review by Gabriel Scherer)

     BatArray.remove_at: int → 'a array → 'a array
     For compatibility with BatList
     (Francois Berenger, review by Cedric Cellier)

     BatDynArray: several new functions
     BatDynArray now exposes almost the same functionalities as BatArray
     (andrepd, review by Florent Monnier and Francois Berenger)

     BatDynArray: uniformization of exceptions and more documentation
     (Florent Monnier, review by Francois Berenger)

     BatDynArray: user input checks in left, right, tail
     (Florent Monnier, review by Francois Berenger)

     Fix stack overflow on Int32/64.pow with negative exponent (issue 
     (Cedric Cellier, review by Francois Berenger)

     BatList.unfold_exn is an alias for unfold_exc.
     BatRefList.find_exn is an alias for find_exc.
     (Cedric Cellier, review by Francois Berenger)

Happy hacking,
The batteries team.

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