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From: Emanuel Berg <>
Subject: Re: how to kill a virtual group
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2022 03:30:17 +0100	[thread overview]
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Eric Abrahamsen wrote:

> I think it would be weird if Gnus let you edit a server
> you'd defined in your .gnus.el file, and then those edits
> were simply overwritten next time you restarted Gnus.

But then you get the situation now where the same stuff has to
be treated differently ... which should never happen.

Something like this could be used from .gnus.el and *Server*,
alike since they, while different, should differ on the
interface level only ...

(defun gnus-edit-server (srv params &optional redefine)
 "Create or edit SRV with PARAMS.
If REDEFINE is non-nil, overwrite existing data ..."
 ... )

If people then choose to ignore that and instead edit the data
directly in .gnus.el then yes, that would reset any in-between
session changes, be it from Lisp or *Server* or any other
thinkable way for that matter - and that's completely fine, it
is that way with everything, and so it should. Set the integer
to something, change it to something else, if it is set again
on the next init that's what it'll be - I mean, what else
would one have it be and how ever would that work?

So interactive interface from Emacs (buttons etc), interface
from Lisp (Elisp code); they uses the same setters and
functions one level below to do the actual business; and when
done, no worry and no record where the data was set.

underground experts united

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