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From: Karl Dahlke <eklhad@comcast.net>
To: edbrowse-dev@edbrowse.org
Subject: Carl Linnaeus
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2021 18:27:16 -0500	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <20211030182716.eklhad@comcast.net> (raw)

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Still thinking about emojis, I am inspired by Carl Linnaeus, father of taxonomy and classification, and inventor of the binomial nomenclature.
He attempted to categorize all animals and plants, good Lord, can you imagine?
You've heard some of these latin names before, in identifying species, the first is the genus, the second is the species.

canus lupus: wolf
canus familiaris: dog
canus aureus: jackle

So I might imagine, as I enter text, typing ~jheart.green
for the group of emojis under heart, and then the green heart.
If matches are not unique, edbrowse would give you a menu to choose from.
If you just type the category, you see all the emojis in the category.
Once selected, the unicode is entered in position.

Love you ~jheart.green ~jheart.blue ~jheart.purple

Why not use e for emoji? Because e is already a hex digit, so ~ followed by e looks like we are entering hex bytes.
And u is for unicode, so j for emoji, I guess.

All this assumes you have these in .ebrc,
and I would provide, in the edbrowse wiki, a typical library.
I have written one, based on the file I use to pronounce these things, I just sort of reversed it.
Here is one group, which is the heart group which is what we were talking about.

emoji heart {
2764 = original
1f499 = blue
1f49a = green
1f49b = yellow
1f49c = purple
1f9e1 = orange
1f5a4 = black
1f493 = beating
1f494 = broken
1f495 = two hearts
1f496 = sparkling
1f497 = growing
1f498 = arrow
1f49d = ribbon
1f49e = revolving
1f49f = decoration
1f491 = couple with heart

Of course people could maintain their own library, for whatever they need.

Simply as a ui, what do you think?
I don't know how easy or hard it is to code; I haven't gotten that far along.

Karl Dahlke

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