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From: Adam Thompson <arthompson1990@gmail.com>
To: Karl Dahlke <eklhad@comcast.net>
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Subject: Re: Carl Linnaeus
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2021 07:44:43 +0000	[thread overview]
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On Tue, Nov 30, 2021 at 06:27:16PM -0500, Karl Dahlke wrote:
> Still thinking about emojis, I am inspired by Carl Linnaeus, father of taxonomy and classification, and inventor of the binomial nomenclature.
> He attempted to categorize all animals and plants, good Lord, can you imagine?
> You've heard some of these latin names before, in identifying species, the first is the genus, the second is the species.
> canus lupus: wolf
> canus familiaris: dog
> canus aureus: jackle
> ...
> So I might imagine, as I enter text, typing ~jheart.green
> for the group of emojis under heart, and then the green heart.
> If matches are not unique, edbrowse would give you a menu to choose from.
> If you just type the category, you see all the emojis in the category.
> Once selected, the unicode is entered in position.
> Love you ~jheart.green ~jheart.blue ~jheart.purple
> Why not use e for emoji? Because e is already a hex digit, so ~ followed by e looks like we are entering hex bytes.
> And u is for unicode, so j for emoji, I guess.

How would the menu selection work during text entry? Other than that, the
notation sounds ok. I guess if the ebrc doesn't contain the unicode it'd
just be displayed as usual?

> All this assumes you have these in .ebrc,
> and I would provide, in the edbrowse wiki, a typical library.
> I have written one, based on the file I use to pronounce these things, I just sort of reversed it.
> Here is one group, which is the heart group which is what we were talking about.
> emoji heart {
> 2764 = original
> 1f499 = blue
> 1f49a = green
> 1f49b = yellow
> 1f49c = purple
> 1f9e1 = orange
> 1f5a4 = black
> 1f493 = beating
> 1f494 = broken
> 1f495 = two hearts
> 1f496 = sparkling
> 1f497 = growing
> 1f498 = arrow
> 1f49d = ribbon
> 1f49e = revolving
> 1f49f = decoration
> 1f491 = couple with heart
> }
> Of course people could maintain their own library, for whatever they need.

Makes sense.


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