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From: Kevin Carhart <kevin@carhart.net>
To: Edbrowse-dev@lists.the-brannons.com
Subject: [edbrowse-dev] GCS and never-referenced style props
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2019 16:23:24 -0700 (PDT)	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <alpine.DEB.2.21.1909081602280.83820@phoenix> (raw)

Thanks Karl for mentioning dberr.  This helped with a problem in ontimer 
code that was hard to locate.  Thanks to dberr, I got a real line 
number and went right to the error.  Now that I know what I'm trying to 
work on, I'd like to run a resolution past you.

Here's the situation.  Assume the string Hr = 'transition';

The code that raises an error is, and the error is that it's illegal to 
call split on not a valid string.

var a = window.getComputedStyle(e), s = a[Hr + 'Delay'].split(', ')

I'm assuming these two statements are related because the second statement 
is called on a, the return value of the first.  So I read this to say that 
after gcs is called, the program assumes it can have free reign to 
reference transitionDelay and other properties and assume they are 

I checked in Firefox, and an object returned from gcs has about 500 
different style properties with the default value "", including:
transition: ""
transitionDelay: ""
transitionDuration: ""
transitionProperty: ""
transitionTimingFunction: ""

Karl, is there a best place to set this up, such as in createElement or 
getComputedStyle?  And do you think I should set up hundreds, or just set 
up the ones I know are referenced and do more when a program tries to find 
them?  The latter would mean that we should bear in mind that this can be 
a major reason for runtime errors-- maybe it's better to set up the whole 
A-Z slate now.


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