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From: Jackson Pauls <jacksonpauls@gmail.com>
To: discuss@mandoc.bsd.lv
Subject: mandoc HTML output: minor issues
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2017 10:52:58 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <CAM9P35sU4hTE7LTvhU91TvRLAgD+BSksPchDSkJt+61yw0E_Lg@mail.gmail.com> (raw)


I use mandoc 1.14.3 to generate HTML from mdoc sources. I've noticed a
few issues with the HTML output, in no particular order:

1. Duplicate IDs (invalid HTML). E.g. dash.1 gets two elements with
1138       <dt class="It-tag" style="margin-left: -12.60ex;"><a
class="selflink" href="#HISTSIZE"><code class="Ev" title="Ev"
1921   <dt class="It-tag" style="margin-left: -13.80ex;"><a
class="selflink" href="#HISTSIZE"><code class="Ev" title="Ev"
(1138 and 1921 are the line numbers as per my version.)

2. Broken in-page links. E.g. in dash.1, there is an <h2> with
id="White_Space_Splitting_(Field_Splitting)", but the link to that
heading is missing the bit in parentheses
 867 <h2 class="Ss" title="Ss"
id="White_Space_Splitting_(Field_Splitting)"><a class="selflink"
 868   Space Splitting (Field Splitting)</a></h2>
1915       See the <a class="Sx" title="Sx"
href="#White_Space_Splitting">White Space
1916       Splitting</a> section for more details.</dd>

Perhaps this is an issue with the mdoc source, but maybe links
shouldn't be created in this case:
1014 .Ss White Space Splitting (Field Splitting)
2300 .Sx White Space Splitting

3. In babel.1, for the -: flag, the colon appears outside the .Fl element:
 63       <b class="Fl" title="Fl">-</b>:

I expected: <b class="Fl" title="Fl">-:</b>

mdoc source line:
 21 .Op Fl i Ar input-type | Fl : Qo Ar SMILES-string Qc

4. Running v.Nu (https://validator.github.io/validator/) on a
collection of HTML files generated by mandoc picks up duplicate IDs,
and a bunch of other issues:
* unescaped characters in href attributes (%, "),
* unescaped characters in URL fragments (\, {, }, #, ^, [, ], <, |),
* <div>s appearing inside <pre>s, and
* mismatches between column count in <colgroup> and table rows.
I can gather a bunch of examples if of interest.

5. Finally, I see mandoc adds today's date to the footer if it can't
parse one from the source file. I think this can be misleading, making
it appear a man page has been updated more recently than it actually
has. It would be nice to have an option to disable this behaviour, and
output an empty string or "UNDATED" instead.

mandoc is a pleasure to use btw, I hope the above is useful.

Cheers, Jackson

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