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* mandoc: Briefly mention groff_mdoc(7) below SEE ALSO.
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Briefly mention groff_mdoc(7) below SEE ALSO.  While both authoritative 
manual pages document the same content, comparing can occasionally help 
in cases of doubt, and some people may prefer one style, some the other.
While here, modernize a few .Lks from http:// to https://.
OK jmc@

Modified Files:

Revision Data
Index: mdoc.7
RCS file: /home/cvs/mandoc/mandoc/mdoc.7,v
retrieving revision 1.281
retrieving revision 1.282
diff -Lmdoc.7 -Lmdoc.7 -u -p -r1.281 -r1.282
--- mdoc.7
+++ mdoc.7
@@ -1849,8 +1849,8 @@ instead.
 Format a hyperlink.
-.Dl \&.Lk \(dqThe Project\(dq
-.Dl \&.Lk
+.Dl \&.Lk \(dqThe Project\(dq
+.Dl \&.Lk
 See also
 .Ic \&Mt .
@@ -3141,10 +3141,16 @@ but produces large indentations.
 .Xr tbl 7
 The web page
-.Lk "extended documentation for the mdoc language"
+.Lk "extended documentation for the mdoc language"
 provides a few tutorial-style pages for beginners, an extensive style
 guide for advanced authors, and an alphabetic index helping to choose
 the best macros for various kinds of content.
+The manual page
+.Lk "groff_mdoc(7)"
+contained in the
+.Dq groff
+package documents exactly the same language in a somehwat different style.
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2020-06-25 20:45 mandoc: Briefly mention groff_mdoc(7) below SEE ALSO schwarze

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