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From: Stephen Gregoratto <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH docbook2mdoc] Add NODE_EMAIL
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2019 21:18:35 +1100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <20190323101835.bqaltgzmfbnvxcfl@BlackBox> (raw)
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On 2019-03-23 09:46, Ingo Schwarze wrote:
> I can't say i have ever *used* the DocBook format, but the man(7)
> output from DocBook files has struck me over and over again as the
> by far lowest quality man(7) code i have ever seen from any manual
> page generator.  DocBook is without any doubt the number one manual
> page generation scheme causing the most trouble in real life, in
> multiple respects.  By far.  So i am definitely not able to approach
> DocBook in good faith; i strongly hate DocBook and i am heavily
> biased against it based on previous experience.  But our different
> perspective on it can likely be productive.  :)

I believe you've mentioned this before on the markdown output article on Actually that section at the end was the reason why I'm 
making these comparisons.

I forgot to mention that I'll be publishing my findings on my blog. I
aim to write up an example user command/library call man-page,
porting them by hand to the different formats. I'll describe the
methods/programs used to validate/format/convert each format, and
analyse the quality of the conversions. I'll also see how it fares
going through mandoc's HTML output, groff's PDF output and the UTF-8
output of both. Finally, I'll ask each respective "camp" if they'd
like to comment on my findings, and include them at the end (that
means you, Ingo). That's why I say good faith, I certainly don't want
to anger anyone from a different camp by hating their work right out
of the gate. That I can leave that up to you ;).
> I'm not sure i understand that sentence.  What do you mean with
> "I'll put"?  Aren't DocBook elements part of input documents, and
> aren't input documents things that are given a priori?  How can you
> influence what is found in input documents?

Whoops, forgot to put in the rest of the nodes. What I meant to say
was that I'll do this:

    <para>The <command>foo</command> utility is maintained by
Stephen Gregoratto
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