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From: Tamir Duberstein <>
Subject: [musl] undefined behavior in fread.c
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2023 07:52:11 -0500	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

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Hello, it's me again! I previously reported undefined behavior in
getdelim.c in, and just
noticed this week that it has been fixed. Thank you!

After pulling in the latest changes, we now trip over UB in fread.c at on a
`fread(NULL, 1, 0, ...)` call. `dest` is `NULL`, and incrementing a null
pointer (even by zero) is UB. Here's the stack trace:

../../zircon/third_party/ulib/musl/src/stdio/fread.c:22:10: runtime error:
applying zero offset to null pointer
  #0    0x00008037bf602a6c in fread(void* restrict, size_t, size_t, FILE*
restrict) ../../zircon/third_party/ulib/musl/src/stdio/fread.c:22
  #1.2  0x0000421373b5f4ec in ubsan_GetStackTrace()
compiler-rt/lib/ubsan/ubsan_diag.cpp:41 <>+0x3d4ec
  #1.1  0x0000421373b5f4ec in MaybePrintStackTrace()
compiler-rt/lib/ubsan/ubsan_diag.cpp:51 <>+0x3d4ec
  #1    0x0000421373b5f4ec in ~ScopedReport()
compiler-rt/lib/ubsan/ubsan_diag.cpp:387 <>+0x3d4ec
  #2    0x0000421373b62684 in handlePointerOverflowImpl()
compiler-rt/lib/ubsan/ubsan_handlers.cpp:809 <>+0x40684
  #3    0x0000421373b6239c in compiler-rt/lib/ubsan/ubsan_handlers.cpp:815 <>+0x4039c
  #4    0x00008037bf602a6c in fread(void* restrict, size_t, size_t, FILE*
restrict) ../../zircon/third_party/ulib/musl/src/stdio/fread.c:22
  #5    0x00004347972c0934 in FT_Stream_Seek(FT_Stream, FT_ULong)
../../third_party/freetype2/src/base/ftstream.c:64 <>+0xf1934

I think instead of `nmemb = 0` on line 10 that should just return.

I've confirmed glibc does a similar check and avoids UB in this case. See;a=blob;f=libio/iofread.c;hb=HEAD#l35

Please CC me on responses as I am not a subscriber to this mailing list
per the guidance on

Thank you.

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