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Subject: Re: [NTG-context] This is rmally done by loading special math fonts into the math family slots.
Date: Tue, 9 May 2023 19:00:15 +0200	[thread overview]
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On 5/9/2023 6:24 PM, Carlos via ntg-context wrote:

> With that being said, in that sense (not that I need it though, to be
> honest), the luatex lmtx approach is more of an instant gratification,
> whereas with latex and the metrics of the file afterwards, any math
> environment is certainly possible, while loading myriad and minion et co
> without an error
> I still stand for what I said earlier. That lot and their heirs already
> made their money by shoving down acroread all over. It's no secret
Normally context will fall bakc on latin modern but when you explicitly 
load a font setup and that one doesn't have math fonts it will not be 
set up right and then you get these parameter relates messages. The 
minion math font is supported when you have it installed although we're 
not sure if the tweaks will work okay. I only have an old evaluation 
copy that I can't use outside testing anyway, and I don't have the 
minion fonts that can be used in documents (acrobat fonts are only for 
display) so I never use minion anyway.

Although every math environment is possible (after all there are not 
than manyu math fonts) one always has to match them properly with serif 
and sans fonts (relative scaling etc).

When someone wants support for some commercial font, they have to buy us 
a few copies with no constraints. (Normally in a project we just get 
them anyway.) There are plenty of examples in the type-imp-* files that 
show the way.


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