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* [NTG-context] Verbatim Textbox with Reference NUmbering
@ 2023-09-09 13:58 Jeroen
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This is a longshot, but would be great to have. Below I have at MWE1 the
verbatim codefragment textbox I am using. I found in the forum MWE2 which
is a textbox with an automatic reference number. Is there a way to get the
same for MWE1 with automatic reference numbering like 1.1, 1.2 etc for
chapter 1, codefragment 1, 2 etc. with the possibility that in the text I
can refer to the codefragment like \in{codefragment\space}[code:ccpsample]
similar as to tables and figures? Thanks Jeroen

% MWE1

path p;
for i = 1 upto nofmultipars :
  p := multipars[1] topenlarged 4pt bottomenlarged 4pt cornered 2mm ;
  fill p withcolor 0.95white ;
  draw p withcolor black
  withpen pencircle scaled \MPvar{linewidth};





this is a code example


% MWE2

  picture p ; numeric w, h, o ;
  p := textext.rt(\MPstring{FunnyFrame}) ;
  w := OverlayWidth ; h := OverlayHeight ; o := BodyFontSize ;
  p := p shifted (2o,h-ypart center p) ; draw p ;
  drawoptions (withpen pencircle scaled 1pt withcolor .625red) ;
  draw (2o,h)--(0,h)--(0,0)--(w,0)--(w,h)--(xpart urcorner p,h) ;
  draw boundingbox p ;
  setbounds currentpicture to unitsquare xyscaled(w,h) ;

{\setMPtext{FunnyFrame}{\hbox spread 1em{\hss\strut#1\hss}}}

% Add the enumeration
   before={\FrameTitle{Counter \getnumber[Counter]}


First example

Second example


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2023-09-09 13:58 [NTG-context] Verbatim Textbox with Reference NUmbering Jeroen

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