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From: Otared Kavian <otared@gmail.com>
To: mailing list for ConTeXt users <ntg-context@ntg.nl>
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Subject: [NTG-context] Re: Math alignment issue
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2024 10:37:30 +0100	[thread overview]
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Hi Mikael,

Thank you for your reply. When I typeset the example you sent me, that is

%begin 240117-1-bis.tex





			\NC u'(t) - \nabla \cdot (a(x)\nabla u) + Vu \NC = 0      \NC \mtext{bla bla bla}     \NR
			\NC u(x,0)                                   \NC = u_0(x) \NC \mtext{bla bla}         \NR
      \NC u(t,\sigma)                              \NC = 0      \NC \mtext{bla bla bla bla} \NR


			\NC u'(t) - \nabla \cdot (a(x)\nabla u) + Vu \NC = 0      \NC \NC \mtext{bla bla bla}     \NR
			\NC u(x,0)                                   \NC = u_0(x) \NC \NC \mtext{bla bla}         \NR
      \NC u(t,\sigma)                              \NC = 0      \NC \NC \mtext{bla bla bla bla} \NR


% end 240117-1-bis.tex

I get something different than the PDF you sent me: the formulas run into the text just above them, as you can see in the attached PDF. I am using ConTeXt LMTX version 2024.01.08 on MacOS 11.7.10. I don’t see what is wrong with my installation…

Best regards: Otared

> On 17 Jan 2024, at 09:47, Mikael Sundqvist <mickep@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Otared,
> I'm not sure how you get that code, since you do not show the source.
> From last upload, there is location=packed for align, so now that can
> be used "inline" in formulas. See attached. I hope it helps.
> Best, Mikael
> On Tue, Jan 16, 2024 at 9:41 PM Otared Kavian <otared@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Mickael,
>> I wish you a happy new year !
>> I apologize for writing you outside the mailing list: this is du eto the fact that I am attaching two screenshots in order to show the problem I encounter, and these documents cannot go through the mailing list.
>> In a document written a year and half ago I have the following definition:
>> \definemathmatrix[alignedcases]
>> [align={right,left,left},
>> distance=3pt,
>> left={\left\{},
>> right={\right.},
>> style=\displaystyle]
>> in order to typeset multi-lines formulas regrouped with a left brace. This is analogous to math-cases, but I need three columns instead of two.
>> When the alignment in maths changed I changed the above definition to the following:
>> \definemathsimplealign[alignedcases]
>> [left={\startmathfenced[cases]},
>> right=\stopmathfenced,
>> align={1:right,2:left,3:left},
>> strut=yes]
>> The result of the typesetting with LMTX in 2022 is shown in the attached document « math-align-2022.pdf »,
>> But when the same documentis  typeset with the latest version from 2024-01-08, it does not show the formulas correctly, as one can see in the attached screenshot « math-align-2024-01-08.pdf ».
>> I cannot reproduce the issue on a short document, but since there have been some changes in the way the math alignment is treated now, I wonder whether you can help me how to change my definitions accordingly.
>> In order to let th elist be informed, once the issue may be solved without the screenshots, I may post a message there.
>> Thanks in advance, and best regards: Otared
> <240117-1.mkxl><240117-1.pdf>

Otared Kavian
e-mail: otared@gmail.com
Phone: +33 6 88 26 70 95

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