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* Beta release rc-1.6b3 available
@ 2001-10-15 13:56 Tim Goodwin
  2001-10-17 14:13 ` Buggs
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From: Tim Goodwin @ 2001-10-15 13:56 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: rc

A new beta release, rc-1.6b3, is available from the usual place.


Please test this beta!  I'd like to turn it into rc-1.7, but it needs
a lot more testing first.  I need positive feedback (platforms where
it builds and runs smoothly) as well as reports of any problems.

The NEWS file from this release is appended: it describes significant
changes since the rc-1.6 full release.  Further details are in the
ChangeLog file in the distribution, and even more details can be found
on my new "hacking notes" page; anyone who is, or would like to be,
familiar with rc's internals is encouraged to look at this page.


The only major missing feature that I'm aware of is support for the
4.4 BSD libedit.  This is planned, but probably not till after rc-1.7.


Highlights of changes since rc-1.6.  See ChangeLog for further details.

Portability.  Many minor tweaks, including fixes for BeOS, CygWin, and

Bug fixes.  A number of bugs have been fixed.  The serious ones were:
a core dump, triggered by `~ () '*''; premature exit, triggered by
sourcing a file which could be open()ed but not read() (such as a
directory on many systems); uninterruptible looping, triggered by
semantic errors in `fn prompt'.

New features.  The following features are new: the `$version' variable
replaces the `-V' flag; the `-I' flag (definitively not interactive)
was added for compatibility with the Plan 9 rc; ASCII SOH (^A) is now
handled transparently.

Documentation.  Distributions of this rc used to include a PostScript
paper given by Tom Duff to the UKUUG, describing the Plan 9 rc.  This
paper is no longer distributed with rc, but instead is available on
the web, both in its original PostScript version, and an updated HTML

Tim Goodwin

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* Re: Beta release rc-1.6b3 available
@ 2001-10-26 23:57 Gary Carvell
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From: Gary Carvell @ 2001-10-26 23:57 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: rc

I noticed a minor problem in the Makefile.in for people who will be
rebuilding the parser with yacc. This is in the rule for parse.c near
the bottom of the file, that you must comment in to run yacc. Lines
526-527, once you remove the leading '#' sign, begin with spaces
instead of the tab character that Make likes.

If you uncomment these lines without changing the tabs to spaces, you
get this error from make:

    Makefile:526: *** missing separator.  Stop.

I imagine this will be one of your easier bug fixes...


Gary Carvell

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