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From: gjv%atlas%cesar@crbca1.SINet.SLB.COM
To: rc%hawkwind.utcs.toronto.edu%m_internet%m_mailnow%hermes.DECnet@cesar.
Subject: Re: A patch to add builtin read (small bug)
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1993 03:30:58 -0400	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <9309230734.AA19392@SINet.SLB.COM> (raw)
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 |                 The diffs assume you've been keeping up with the bug
 |fix patches posted here.  (If anyone wants a complete set of diffs
 |against a virgin copy of 1.4 let me know and I'll mail it to you.)

The patch dropped in nicely in my virgin 1.4, no problems.

I was just wondering about the following case:

	; x=(foo bar)
	; read x < /dev/null
	; echo $status
	; whatis x
	x=(foo bar)

This suggests that something has been read before encountering EOF,
which is obviously not the case, so I assume the read should set x to ''.

  |For Chris, if you don't care about setting a different ifs, you can
  |split the line without a fork by using eval:
  |	read x;eval 'x=('$x')'

This doesn't work:

	; read x;eval 'x=('$x')'
	a line with a # in the middle
	line 1: syntax error near eof

	; read x;eval 'x=('$x')'
	a line with a = in the middle
	line 1: syntax error near '='

The 'trick' with the echo works however, fork()-ing every time:

	; read x; x= `{echo $x}
	a line with a # in the middle
	; whatis x
	x=(a line with a '#' in the middle)

If a read function is added, why not make it a bit more practical by using
$ifs? If makes it more useful, and the code above a bit more elegant.
I wouldn't mind adding this myself, but I'm not too familiar with the
rc internals.


J.G. Vons   E-Mail: vons@cesar.crbca1.sinet.slb.com

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