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* Snapshot availability
@ 1998-07-28 17:33 Tim Goodwin
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From: Tim Goodwin @ 1998-07-28 17:33 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: rc

The latest rc snapshot is believed to fix all reported problems.  It
even trips successfully under Ultrix :-).

Due to family and work commitments, I won't be making another snapshot
for at least a few weeks, so now would be a good time to check if it
works for you.  I anticipate very few changes between this snapshot and
the next beta release.  (But I've been wrong before.)

Here's the ChangeLog for the last few days.



  Testing: fix silly typo in cdpath test.

  Configuration: `--with-vrl' added to support Gert-Jan Vons's readline


  Portability: the autoconf macro AC_FUNC_SETPGRP doesn't work on OSF1: that
  system supports arguments to setpgrp(), but also has a prototype in
  <unistd.h> to say that it is void.  Fix this by defining our own
  RC_FUNC_SETPGRP for now.

  Bug: <sys/wait.h> was included twice in some source files.

  Configuration: automake wants `make distclean' to remove *.tab.c.
  Rename y.tab.[ch] to parse.[ch] to avoid this.


  Portability: on Ultrix, `make trip' fails with `malloc: Invalid
  argument'.  Problem is that getgroups(0, NULL) in which.c returns -1.
  Add new configure test to check for POSIX getgroups() and fall back to
  NGROUPS if it's not available.  The magic is done by "getgroups.h".

  Tidiness: extract <sys/wait.h> magic into "wait.h".

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1998-07-28 17:33 Snapshot availability Tim Goodwin

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