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* New rc snapshot available (1998-10-28)
@ 1998-10-28 14:54 Tim Goodwin
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From: Tim Goodwin @ 1998-10-28 14:54 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: rc

A new snapshot of rc is available from here.


Nothing too major has changed, although rc has just acquired its first
idiom from C 9x!  (With suitable autoconfiscation for older systems.)
Relevant ChangeLog entries are appended.

Thanks to Bengt Kleberg and Jeremy Fitzhardinge for reporting problems
with the previous snapshot.



  Tidiness: makenonblock() was a rather poor choice of name for
  a function which makes a file descriptor *not* nonblocking :-).


  Portability: apparently some systems declare `char *basename(const
  char *)' in system header files.  Changing our basename() (in
  history.c) to match this prototype allows it to be compiled on such
  systems, and is harmless.  (Harmless, that is, if no system declares
  `char *basename(char *)'.)


  Bug: system-bsd.c needs to include "wait.h".

  Warnings: some versions of gcc warn about "ambiguous" `else' clauses.

  Portability: assigning va_list objects doesn't work everywhere (Linux
  on the PowerPC, specifically).  Use the C 9x invention va_copy()
  instead, if it exists, otherwise fall back to assignment.

  Documentation: help HP-UX users by mentioning that you need `cc -Ae'.
  Also, HP-UX make will build rc in a separate directory.

  Tidiness: remove unused functions from print.c.  Anybody wanting to
  use this library in another project should follow the pointer in the
  documentation to an improved version.

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1998-10-28 14:54 New rc snapshot available (1998-10-28) Tim Goodwin

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