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* Beta release rc-1.5b6
@ 1999-05-13 15:09 Tim Goodwin
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From: Tim Goodwin @ 1999-05-13 15:09 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: rc

A new beta release of rc is available, rc-1.5b6.  Details of changes
since rc-1.5b5 are below.

There are no known outstanding problems with this beta.  Unless anybody
can give me a reason not to, I will make the full release of rc-1.6 in
a week or two's time.  So this is your last chance to test rc before
a major release (I'd particularly appreciate confirmation that the
configure script now finds tgetent() in -lncurses on Debian Linux).

You can obtain rc from here.


If you don't have gzip handy, remove the `.gz' for an uncompressed
tarball.  If you are unable to use HTTP to obtain rc, please contact me
and we'll figure out some way to get it to you.

Thanks to all the people who have contributed to this release, by
suggesting ideas, contributing code, or giving feedback on earlier



  Portability: AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE calls AC_ARG_PROGRAM and
  AC_PROG_INSTALL.  Don't do it explicitly.  For once, the configure
  script gets smaller!  Program name transformations work right now.

  Documentation: note that rc has no `set' builtin; fix weird variable
  name example; any character except `=' may be used in a variable name;
  document bqstatus; document rc's exit status; other tidying.


  Documentation: document the yacc-imposed limit on ; separated commands
  in a line.


  Portability: tgetent() might be in -lncurses instead of -ltermcap.


  Portability: Linux *almost* has SysV SIGCLD semantics, and we need to
  detect them.

  Bug: if we reset SIGCLD to SIG_DFL, we need to record the fact in the
  sighandlers[] array.


  Documentation: note that `$(a.b)' syntax only mostly works, and that
  list definitions in exported functions are noisier than they need to

  Release: rc-1.5b6.

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1999-05-13 15:09 Beta release rc-1.5b6 Tim Goodwin

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