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* [announce] March 2020 release
@ 2020-03-03  0:39 Laurent Bercot
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From: Laurent Bercot @ 2020-03-03  0:39 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: skaware, supervision


  New versions of all the packages are available.
This is mostly a bugfix release (there was an installation bug in
some circumstances with shared libraries) but some packages, notably
execline and s6, have new, useful features.

  The new versions are the following:


  Here are details for the packages that have more than bugfixes:

* skalibs-

  - New header: skalibs/bigkv.h. It's a set of functions allowing
efficient lookups in a large set of strings (typically read from the
command line or the environment).

  * execline-

  - It's a major release because an API has been modified: dollarat.
Beforehand, dollarat's -0 option would always prevail over any -d
option. Now, dollarat has its conflicting -0 and -d options handled
in the conventional way, with rightmost priority.

  - The runblock program now accepts a command line prefix, which is
given as runblock's own command line. This allows blocks to serve as
arguments to a new command, instead of having to be full command lines
by themselves.

  - New binary: posix-umask.

  - The former "cd" program is now named "execline-cd" and the former
"umask" program is named "execline-umask". When the 
option is not given at configure time, "cd" and "umask" are symbolic
links created at installation time and pointing to execline-cd and
execline-umask respectively. When the --enable-pedantic-posix option is
given, the symbolic links point to posix-cd and posix-umask instead.

  - With posix-cd and posix-umask (and the changes to wait done in the
previous version), execline is now fully POSIX-compliant when built with
the --enable-pedantic-posix option. This will certainly, without the
slightest hint of a doubt, change distributions' attitudes about it.

  * s6-

  - A new '?' directive has been added to s6-log. It behaves exactly like
'!', except that it spawns the given processor with /bin/sh as an
interpreter instead of execlineb.

  - execline support is now optional: it can be disabled by specifying
--disable-execline at configure time. Some functionality is unavailable
when execline support is disabled:
    * s6-log's '!' directive
    * s6-notifyoncheck's -c option
    * s6-ipcserver-access's support for 'exec' directives in a ruleset

  - A new -X option has been added to s6-svscan, to specify a descriptor
that will be passed as stderr to a service spawned by this s6-svscan and
named s6-svscan-log. This is used in the new s6-linux-init, to avoid
needing to hardcode the /dev/console name for the catch-all logger's
standard error.

  - On systems that define SIGPWR and SIGWINCH, s6-svscan -s now diverts
those signals. This allows powerfail and kbrequest events to be handled
when s6-svscan runs as process 1.

  * s6-linux-init-

  - New options have been added to s6-linux-init-maker: to support
running s6-linux-init without a catch-all logger, and to support running
it in a container.

  - s6-linux-init-maker now adds a SIGPWR handler to the default image:
on receipt of a SIGPWR, the system's shutdown procedure is triggered.

  - s6-linux-init now handles kbrequest, which triggers a SIGWINCH in
init when a special, configurable set of keys is pressed. By default,
no SIGWINCH handler is declared in the image, and no set of keys is
bound to kbrequest.

  * s6-dns-

  - New library: libdcache, implementing a clean cache structure
to contain DNS data. It's still not used at the moment.

  * bcnm-

  - First numbered release, because the Adélie Linux distribution,
which uses libwpactrl, needs an official release instead of pulling
from git.

  - libwpactrl is a set of C functions helping control a wpa_supplicant

  - bcnm-waitif is a binary that waits for network interface state
events such as appearance/disappearance, up/down, running/not-running.
It is useful to avoid race conditions during a boot sequence, for

  Bug-reports welcome.


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