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From: Phil Budne <>
Subject: [TUHS] Re: Early supported UNIX manual
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2022 23:32:50 -0500	[thread overview]
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Noel wrote:
>     > From: Phil Budne
>     > The cover page has:
>     > ...
>     > Upper right corner:
>     > PA-1C300-01
>     > Section 1
>     > Issue 1, January 1976
>     > AT&TCo SPCS
> I have a very similar manual; I got it a long time ago, and no longer recall
> how I came by it. Minor difference: mine is for PD-1C301-01, and at the
> bottom of the page, it says "ISSUE 1 1/30/76", followed by a prominent trade
> secret notice.
> TUHS has a copy of this version, here:
> The README file in that directory:
> speculates that "this is PWB/1.0" but admits "this has not yet been
> confirmed". It's not PWB1, it's stock V6. If you look at the writeup of
> sys1$exec(), on pg. 39 of the PDF, you'll see it describing how arguments are
> copied into a disk buffer; that right there is the tip-off. In PWB1 (whose
> source we do have):
> you'll see that PWB1 accumulates the arguments in a chunk of swap space.
> V6 _does_ use a disk buffer for this:
> So this is for V6.

1. My document is the programmers manual, with sections 1-8 (I through
VIII).  I can't say whether the document you have, and is on line is a
PLM (program logic manual) for the same system or not (tho the dates
and document numbers are very close).

2. My EXEC (II) manual page has BUGS:
"Only 512 characters of arguments are allowed"

So my manual, like yours is not for PWB.

BUT, my manual describes system call 62, "lock", and the v6 sysent.c
has "nosys" there, so it's at least in theory, an offshoot.

I haven't spotted anything in the
unix_program_description_jan_1976.pdf document regarding lock

Searching for the names in the preface of my manual I found:

J. F. Maranzano:
    Co-author with G W R Leuderer and B A Tague of
    "The UNIX Operating System as a Base for Aplications"
    BSTJ Vol. 57 No. 6 July-Aug 1978

    Co-author with S.R. Bourne of
    "A Tutorial Introduction to ADB"
    May 1977
    Mention in list of UNIX Tech Memoranda:
     A Description of the UNIX File System
     September 16, 1975
     Author J. F. Maranzano

R. B. Brandt
    Richard B. Brandt appears in distribution list (cover sheet only) in

J. Feder
    Author "The UNIX system: The evolution of UNIX system performance" Oct 1984
    AT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Journal ( Volume: 63, Issue: 8, October 1984)

C. D. Perez:
    in "A Guide to the C Library for UNIX Users":
    (pdf p. 395)

    pdf p 371 acknowledges Cathy Perez

    Cathy Perez is also thanked in

T. M. Raleigh
    Mention in list of UNIX Tech Memoranda:
     Introduction to Scheduling and Switching under UNIX
     October 20, 1975
     TM: 75-8234-7
     Author: T. M. Raleigh

R. E. Swift
    nothing found at first glance

G. C. Vogel
    pdf p. 4 "P. E. Cannata and G. C. Vogel rewrote Section 2 for this edition."

I. A. Winheim
    nothing found at first glance

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