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From: (Noel Chiappa)
Subject: [TUHS] Re: Unix v7 icheck dup problem
Date: Wed,  1 Mar 2023 20:36:28 -0500 (EST)	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

    > From: KenUnix

    > things are missing:

    > Undefined:
    > _setexit
    > _reset
    > _seek
    > _alloc
    > _end

    > Yes, I am trying to compile it on Unix v7.

Well, there's your answer. They are all in the V6 library. Here's
the source for setexit/reset:

You do realize that if you got it compiled under V7 and ran it, it would
trash the disk, right? (The V6 and V7 filesystems are different; very
similar, but block nubers are 16 bits on V6, ans 32 bits on V7.)

    > Is there a makefile?

No. No 'make' in V6. Which is why you find those 'run' shell files:


    > From: John Cowan

    > It was an update/rewrite of the MIT version.

Which one? There were two: "MIT's AI Lab", by CSTACY, Alan Wecsler, and me;
which Rob Austein re-wrote into "Alice's PDP-10". I thought the original was
centered around ITS, but my memory was poor (hey, it has been ~40 years :-),
it seems to sort of be about LISP Machines. Rob's version was about TWENEX
(yech). The original was written in 926, MOON's office; I can't believe he
put up with me hanging out there!

    >> Although I like the old story about the person at their oral exam and
    >> the Coke bottle in the window.

    > Details?

So they're giving someone an oral exam. They can't make up their minds, or
something, and they ask the person to step out for a second. When the person
comes back in, they point to a Coke bottle sitting on a window-sill in the
sunlight, and ask them to examine it. The person notices that it's warm on
one side - the side facing the window. 'Why that side?', they ask. So the
person goes into a long explanation about how the curved glass must have
focused the light, yadda-yadda. WRONG! They turned it around while the
person was out of the room. I think that the person fails their oral. I
have no idea if it's a true story.

Steve Ward told another oral story which I'm pretty sure _is_ true, though.
They ask the candidate to design a state machine (or digital logic, I forget
which) which can tell if a number is divisible by three (I think I have the
details correct, but I'm not absolutely certain). So they describe one - and
then point out that you can feed the number in from either end (most or least
significant end first) - and proves that it will work either way! The
committee was blown away.


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