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From: Skip Tavakkolian <>
Subject: Re: [TUHS] struct(1) revived! And a request for help
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2022 14:21:33 -0800	[thread overview]
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On Wed, Jan 12, 2022 at 4:59 AM <> wrote:
> Hello All.
> We recently discussed Brenda Baker's struct program, that read Fortran
> and generated Ratfor.  Many of us remarked as to what a really cool
> program it was and how much we admired it, myself included.
> For fun (for some definition of "fun") I decided to try to bring the code
> into the present.  I set up a GitHub repo with the V7, V8 and V10 code,
> and then started work in a separate branch.
> (, branch "modernize".)
> The program has three main parts:
> - structure, which reads Fortran and outputs something that is
>   almost Ratfor on standard output.
> - beautify, which reads the output of structure and finishes the job,
>   primarily making conditions readable (.not. --> !, removing double
>   negatives, etc.)
> - - a simple shell script that runs the above two components.
>   This is what the user invokes.
> The code was written in 1974. As such, it is rife with "type punning"
> between int, int *, int **, and char *.  These produce a lot of warnings
> from a modern day C compiler.  The code also uses a, er, "unique" bracing
> style, making it nearly illegible to my stuck-in-a-rut programming brain.

That is the same style that P.J. Plauger/Whitesmiths used in Idris OS. The brace
indentation levels also match the Ratfor code in Software Tools.

> Here is what I've accomplished so far:
> * Converted every function definition and declaration to use modern (ANSI)
>   C style, adding a header file with function declarations that is
>   included everywhere.
> * Run all the code through the indent program, formatting it as traditional
>   K&R bracing style, with tabs.
> * Fixed some macros to use modern style for getting parameter values as strings
>   into the macros.
> * Fixed a few small bugs here and there.
> * Fixed beautify to work with modern byacc/bison (%union) and to work with
>   flex instead of lex. This latter was a challenge.
> In structure, only three files still generate warnings, but they all relate
> to integer <--> pointer assignment / use as.  However, when compiled in
> 32 bit mode (gcc -m32), where sizeof(int) is the same as sizeof(pointer),
> despite the warnings, structure works!!
> Beautify works, whether compiled in 32 or 64 bit mode.
> What I've done so far has been mostly mechanical. I hereby request help from
> anyone who's interested in making progress on "the hard part" --- those three
> files that still generate warnings.
> I think the right way to go is to replace int's with a union that holds and
> int, a char* and an int*.  But I have not had the quiet time to dive into
> the code to see if this can be done.
> Anyone who has some time to devote to this and is interested, please drop
> me a note off-list.
> Thanks,
> Arnold Robbins

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