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From: Clem Cole <>
To: Will Senn <>
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Subject: Re: [TUHS] v7 software
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2021 20:21:30 -0500	[thread overview]
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Joy’s original 2BSD tape will give you UCB Pascal.   For anything else
you'll probably want to find some of the old USENIX tapes.   Warren has
some of them, although I'm not sure he has the complete set.

BTW: The Cooper Union folks got the DEC Fortran to run at one point.   But
it was quite a task, as it involved running a partial PDP-10/TOPS-10 user
space emulator so they could run the DEC BLISS-10 compiler [this was long
before simh].

I also think that ultrix11 binaries will on V7 so there are other language
processors there including ftn. You’ll need to bring the dec linker over
from Ultrix to use them as they output objs that are not the same although
the final output is an a.out.

On Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 5:11 PM Will Senn <> wrote:

> I'm tooling around doing my annual dive into operating systems ancient and
> not-so-ancient and I've gotten back around to v7 because it has a working
> f77 in baseline. The 3b2 has f77 as an installable package but it crashes
> and burns with read statements like: read *,var - in both sysvr2 and
> sysvr3. After consulting with the fortran expert, I'm gonna chalk it up to
> "man there's a lot of backstory to these seemingly simple issues" and just
> work with v7... in full disclosure f77 also seems to work fine on 211bsd,
> but that's too new for today's dive :).
> Anyhow, I ran through my install notes from back in 2017 and did a few
> updates on them to update urls (would everyone just go ahead and move to
> https already?), fix some clunky examples, fix some typos, and update to a
> more recent host environment (although some would argue that Mojave is out
> of date - just give me a drop in replacement for Adobe Acrobat Pro X (a 32
> bit app) that doesn't phone home every 5 minutes and I'll move to
> Monterey). Version 1.7 of the doc is posted on the blog:
> Anyway, now I'm ready to add stuff to my shiny new v7 instance and
> document the additions. So, on to the question of the hour... I did some
> looking around and couldn't easily locate any v7 software archives for
> additional software that will run on v7 (not the distros, which are
> adequately hosted in the Unix Archive). Stuff like pascal, fortran iv,
> fortran 90, basic, lisp and the ilk. Do y'all know of any good caches?
> Later,
> Will
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