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Subject: [TUHS] understand earliest hardware?
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2019 16:59:49 -0500 (CDT)	[thread overview]
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I read in the PDP-7 reference manual that Precision CRT Display Type 30 
and Precision Incremental Display Type 340 are the typical displays used 
with the PDP-7, but aren't standard equipment. I read about the 
Graphics-II scope. Was it the only display? I read it was used as a 
second terminal and that it would pause per display full with a button 
to continue.

I assume this second terminal's keyboard was TTY model 33 or similar 
since it was the standard equipment. Does anyone know?

Do you know if the PDP-7 or early edition Unixes have pen support for 
that Graphics-II or similar displays?

Clem has written that the PDP-7 had a disk from a PDP-9. Where is this 

The ~1971 draft "The UNIX Time-Sharing System" says first version runs 
on PDP-9 also.
But I cannot find any other reference of running on PDP-9 at all. Was 
this academic?

That draft calls the PDP-7 version the "first edition" but later the 
PDP-11/20 is called the "first edition". When did the naming of first 
edition get defined to not include the PDP-7 version? Or is it because 
the early "0th" version was never released/shared outside?

Thompson interview 
mentions an "interim machine" and a "PDP-11 that had PDP-10 memory 
management, KS-1."  What is this interim machine? Is this a PDP-11 
without a disk (for a few months?) What is this PDP-11 
and KS-1?  Maybe this is the PDP-11/20 with KS-11?

Do we know what hardware was supported for the early editions? We don't 
have all the kernel code and from a quick look from what is available I 
didn't see specific hardware references.

The later ~1974 "The UNIX Time-Sharing System" paper does mention some 
hardware at that time on the PDP-11/45 like a 201 dataset interface and 
a Tektronix 611 storage-tube display on a satellite PDP-11/20.

When did a CRT with keyboard terminal like DEC vt01 (with Tektronix 611 
CRT display), LS ADM-3, Hazeltine 2000, VT01A display with keyboard 
(what keyboard?) get supported?  Any code to help find this?  (The does mention the 
VT01A plys keyboard).


Jeremy C. Reed

echo Ohl zl obbx uggc://errqzrqvn.arg/obbxf/csfrafr/ | \
 tr "Onoqrsuvxzabcefghl" "Babdefhikmnoprstuy"

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