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Subject: [TUHS] Re: General Document Scans Thread (Was 3B20 Manual Scans)
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2022 00:01:30 +0000	[thread overview]
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And another today because I figured why not, the next batch should be a group, I didn't think I'd do another today or it would've been included, not trying to contribute to email alert fatigue for anyone.

This is the Operator's Guide as published for Release 5.0 and System V.  It contains information regarding console commands/configuration necessary to booting a UNIX system, some hardware and installation notes, and covers the 3B20S, 3B20A, PDP-11/70, and VAX-11/750+780.  The PDP-11/70 gets the least attention, presumably because it was on the way out as a supported platform by this point.

The next slug when I swing back around to it will be the Users and Administrators Guides, similar to this one but for a slightly different audience.  After that, the remaining manuals will be a bit more challenging as they are conventional binding rather than binders, brads, or comb bound, trying to figure out if I can get adequate scans in a non-destructive way but may be unavoidable, in which case those will wait until after I move so I can work out a plan to have them rebound once all is said and done.

Also, worth mentioning, when I'm done with all of these documents, I have no real attachment to the physical articles, so when the time comes, I'm going to be interested in offloading the physical materials with priority given to anything like a computing museum, then UNIX heads around here, then if nothing else will just donate them to the local community college library if they're interested.  If anyone is aware of a perfect destination for these, I'm happy to coordinate shipping them to their forever home once I'm done scanning.  Whoever gets them can pay me if they want, but that won't be prerequisite beyond probably asking for shipping costs to be covered.  I'm much more of the interest of insuring they go somewhere they'll be cherished/taken care of than making any sort of money off the transaction, I'm already doing this stuff at a loss because I'm more interested in the preservation aspect.  Plus, I ain't trying to give the impression I'm financially gaining from all this material I didn't write.  Thanks for being a willing audience to all my study and research lately, hopefully the materials are making putting up with my verbosity and frequency worth it :)

- Matt G.

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On Wednesday, December 21st, 2022 at 2:17 PM, segaloco via TUHS <> wrote:

> Good day folks, reassigning this thread once again as I've refocused efforts to the System V docs I have since I'm working on a *ROFF restoration of that 4.1 manual, that seems quicker to market for research purposes than scanning and OCR'ing it all, as I can just compare 3.0 and 5.0 sources with diff and then touch up one or the other to produce a faithful typesetter source. Not to say I won't eventually be scanning the physical pages, but that seems like a quicker way to get stuff available for study.
> Given that, I'm scanning the System V stuff because there's a much less clear path to producing typesetter sources there, and truth be told there's a lot more interesting information in these docs.
> So without further ado, here's a second document from that set, the "Transition Aids" containing five papers: System III to System V transitional changes, 512 byte to 1K block filesystem transitions, changes to the UNIX ar format, an expository paper on COFF (Common Object File Format), and finally changes to the C language in this update. The COFF document is the longest, offers a full exposition, but the rest are just notes on what has changed between versions:
> Additionally, as I kinda just dropped it buried in another thread, I also scanned this one the past few days, the System Release Description:
> Where the Transition Aids concerns the most essential information for a System III user to assess a System V migration, the System Release Description is much more holistic and contains one very exciting document (for me at least), Appendix I, a list of modification requests completed in the upgrade, in other words, a development log of every commit between System III and System V (allegedly). Finally, looks like opted to OCR this for me, and the bits I've snipped and checked actually look accurate, so hopefully as I continue to do this, I continue to get quality OCR from for free.
> - Matt G.
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> On Thursday, December 15th, 2022 at 10:09 PM, segaloco via TUHS wrote:
> > Good evening folks. I'm starting a new thread to pass along info as I scan materials from the 3B20S manual that I picked up. I figured it'd be easier to trickle out the bits folks ask me for first and then continue to scan the rest, that way anyone looking to sink their teeth into something specific can be sated first.
> > 
> > With that, the first scan (and frankly one of my favorite things about this manual) is the cover itself:
> > 
> > Someone had mentioned the idea of making this into a poster and I gotta say, I'd gladly put one up. The image definitely would need some cleanup for that, I just scanned it like it came, haven't tried to clean up any of the wear of time yet. Sadly, the back cover isn't emblazoned with a big Bell logo like the 3.0 and 5.0 (Bell variant) manuals, so scanning that would be a boring white piece of cardstock.
> > 
> > Anywho, the next round which may come later this evening or sometime this weekend is going to be various *ROFF-related documents, so documents like troff(1), mm(5), etc.
> > 
> > - Matt G.

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