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From: segaloco via TUHS <>
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Subject: [TUHS] Re: UNIX co-creator Ken Thompson is a… what, user now?
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2023 16:21:24 +0000	[thread overview]
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Raspbian is the only "stock" Linux distro I've tried on my RPi, used it as a daily driver for a while. My standing gripes with the system have largely evaporated in the past few years what with formal 64-bit versions and having figured out how to rebase the system on sysvinit pretty well. The base install is pretty well provisioned, I don't recall having to install compilers and such. One of my chronic irks with Linux distros is how most seem to forgo a good chunk of what you'd expect on any UNIX worth its weight: Often no C compiler or needed headers installed, sometimes documentation shunted off to different packages, no yacc, lex, awk, heck I've seen distros without ed and vi, I think Manjaro is in this boat. I found the latter incredibly stupid, submitted an Issue to their Gitlab, and was pretty much ignored and the issue quietly closed with no resolution. Pico/nano will never be the standard editor, people need to stop trying to make it be so...

Do Linux providers even know the POSIX standard exists? No I don't expect them to go pay for certification but geeze, the amount of times in the past few years I've propped up a random distro on a machine or VM and been unable to rely on even the most basic stuff being there is disheartening. No wonder people don't use Linux in the UNIX-y way so often, half the darn system isn't represented in most Linux base installs. Is this the LSBs fault or does nobody look at that anymore either? My experiences recently say not...

- Matt G.

P.S. Got a nasty gram (that I'm not replying to, arguing over the internet is stupid) about some sort of reply all thing, so I'm going to only reply to TUHS and kill the Cc list as an experiment to see if people get livid over words on screens that come to them due to their membership in a list rather than come to them due to their being Ccd on emails that also come by way of a mailing list that they're also members of. If this email reaches you in an unacceptable manner, sorry, I don't know what people want from me, but if it's a problem I'll explore what control I have over the various mechanisms arbitrary email clients and communication conventions are present in the current email landscape (hint: not much)
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> Interesting Unix related articles.
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