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From: fosslinux <>
Subject: Re: [WIP] New package: bazel-4.1.0
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2021 09:42:21 +0200
Message-ID: <20210610074221.cXRP63e9klktG6fnKHHvugSqGtdchvb-o_ZVOS7dBgo@z> (raw)
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New comment by fosslinux on void-packages repository

I have attempted this in the past. Your bazel template looks sane.

Bazel is not sane. Neither is anki, has a stupid mix of nodejs, bazel, python and rust.

Here's my template thus far, not for the latest version yet:
# Template file for 'anki'
hostmakedepends="bazel python3-pip git protobuf rust cargo rsync"
makedepends="protobuf-devel glib-devel python3-PyQt5-webengine"
depends="python3-PyQt5-webengine python3-requests python3-SQLAlchemy
 python3-PyAudio python3-mpv python3-Markdown python3-send2trash
 python3-BeautifulSoup4 python3-decorator python3-jsonschema
 python3-protobuf python3-Flask-Cors python3-waitress"
short_desc="Spaced repetition flashcard program"
maintainer="fosslinux <>"

do_build() {
        # Bazel dies on ccache
        if [ "$CROSS_BUILD" ]; then
                export CC="$(command -v ${XBPS_CROSS_TRIPLET}-gcc)"
                export CC="$(command -v gcc)"
        export PYTHON_SITE_PACKAGES="${XBPS_CROSS_BASE}/${py3_sitelib}"

        bazel build -c opt dist --jobs=1
        bsdtar -xf bazel-bin/dist.tar

do_install() {
        # I dislike bazel
        PIP_CONFIG_FILE=/dev/null TMPDIR=/tmp python3 -m pip install --isolated --root=${DESTDIR} --prefix=/usr --ignore-installed --no-deps bazel-dist/*.whl

        vbin qt/ anki
        vinstall qt/linux/anki.desktop 644 usr/share/applications
        vinstall qt/linux/anki.png 644 usr/share/pixmaps
        vinstall qt/linux/anki.xpm 644 usr/share/pixmaps
        vman qt/linux/anki.1

        vlicense LICENSE

Haven't worked on it for a while.

Cross is still broken IIRC.  Mutlicore building is broken last I checked. Musl is broken (you may need a patch for bazel for musl which I have also).

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