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From: Skirmisher <>
Subject: Re: pinebookpro-kernel: update to 5.14.0
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2021 05:48:15 +0200	[thread overview]
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New comment by Skirmisher on void-packages repository

Makes sense.

I tested this kernel and your uboot/atf bump, with the following patches added:
- uboot
  - [fix panel reset](
  - [change boot order]( (in addition to SD/eMMC swap like your existing patch, it puts USB first so it can also be used to override eMMC/NVMe without taking the computer apart)
- atf
  - [attribute fix]( (apparently this breaks GCC 11, but the code is wrong in the first place; no functionality change)

U-boot framebuffer console works, but when it hands off to the kernel, it doesn't handle the LCD properly, and it flickers brightly several times before the kernel gets a handle on it. It's...pretty bad.

Other than that, the kernel seems to come up fine, although I did notice that when I got dropped into a rescue shell (for unrelated reasons) the keyboard didn't appear to work at all, though it works once I got into the booted system. I wasn't able to test much further than that, because sddm didn't start and trying to run Xorg would hang the system sometimes, in addition to strange issues like Fn-Alt-PrintScreen not working for magic sysrq combos. I don't have time to test a fresh install tonight.

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