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* [ISSUE] binary-bootstrap says it installed successfully but prints "ERROR: Failed to mount / private (Invalid argument)" right afterwards
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New issue by n0x-io on void-packages repository

I'm a little new to void linux and currently I'm running void musl. But since I'd like to run some stuff that requires glibc like for example discord I tried to set up a chroot with void glibc in which I can run all my software that depends on glibc.

A friend of mine is running a similar setup and showed my how to set it up but we are running into an issue we can't quite explain. I tried to find an already existing issue regarding my error and found issue #30496 but it drifted away from the original issue it seems.
I tested the whole issue inside a VM and on physical hardware to have some different platforms to test on. 
I'll try my best to write the process down. If there's any details I left out I'll try my best to add them or answer any questions.

Thanks so much in advance!!

### System
* xuname (on the base system)
  Void 5.15.14_1 x86_64-musl GenuineIntel uptodate rF
* xuname (inside the chroot):  
  Void 5.15.14_1 x86_64 GenuineIntel uptodate rF
* package:  
  the base bootstrap itself is causing issues.

### Expected behavior
The base for void-packages installs after running the command ./xbps-src binary-bootstrap and I will be able to install new packages inside my freshly created 

### Actual behavior
The bootstrap process says it installs successfully but prints an Error right after that.

46 downloaded, 66 installed, 0 updated, 66 configured, 0 removed.
=> xbps-src: installed base-chroot successfully!
ERROR: Failed to mount / private (Invalid argument)


### Steps to reproduce the behavior
I'm running on a fresh install of void-musl. I honestly have no real clue where my install breaks so I'll list my steps from the very beginnig

1. Install a fresh glibc base directory with
sudo XBPS_ARCH=x86_64 xbps-install -S -R -r ~/workspace/glibc-chroot base-voidstrap
2. chroot into the new base-install, set up a new user with the wheel and xbuilder group and close the chroot again
3. Mount needed directories and log in as the freshly created user
mount -t sysfs none ~/workspace/glibc-chroot/sys
mount -t proc none/proc
mount --rbind /dev  ~/workspace/glibc-chroot/dev
mount --rbind /tmp  ~/workspace/glibc-chroot/tmp
mount --rbind /run  ~/workspace/glibc-chroot/run
su -c "xhost +" myChrootUser
cp /etc/resolve.conf  ~/workspace/glibc-chroot/etc
chroot  ~/workspace/glibc-chroot su myChrootUser
4. Install some needed tools, fix libc-locales for my languages
sudo xbps-install git st-terminfo curl bsdtar nvim
enable "de_DE.UTF-8 UTF-8" and "de_DE ISO-8859-1" in /etc/defaults/libc-locales and recreate locales
sudo xbps-reconfigure -f glibc-locales
5. Download void-packages and run the binary-bootstrap
git clone
cd void-packages/
echo XBPS_CHROOT_CMD=uchroot >> etc/conf
./xbps-src binary-bootstrap
After the last command runs through and says it's successfully the described error message shows up.

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