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From: ericonr <>
Subject: Re: New Packages: sequoia cli utilities
Date: Sun, 15 May 2022 23:32:57 +0200	[thread overview]
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New comment by ericonr on void-packages repository

> In the case of musl, this is part of time64, the migration to using 64 bit integers for time on 32 bit systems. Rust added a deprecation warning for that, and this warning is currently breaking the build here. There's stuff happening in that area, but it's a bigger problem that's not really related to sequoia directly, so not really something that can be addressed in this PR.

That's on Rust, they shouldn't have deprecated the type on 64-bit musl. And more importantly, the software should still be buildable with warnings like that....

> As for armv7l: A crypto library used by sequoia, nettle, for some reason fails to have it's rust bindings compiled for armv7l, because cross-armv7l-linux-gnueabihf-libc doesn't provide gnu/stubs-soft.h, which is referenced by gnu/stubs.h, based on some ifdef magic. I don't get where this is going wrong, but I don't understand enough of the arkane ifdef and crosscompiling magic to dig through this. If anyone else wants to, I'd be more than happy, but I won't invest any more time in trying to figure out why stubs-soft.h would even be considered required on a hf target.

That sounds like `bindgen` not receiving all the flags it should have and looking at the wrong headers/missing some target definitions (probably the latter). We might have a fix for this by using a patched bindgen, iirc.

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