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From: "André Luiz Duarte de Queiroz" <"andre.luiz..."@gmail.com>
To: voidlinux <void...@googlegroups.com>
Subject: Re: How to set a new user?
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2015 10:24:51 -0700 (PDT)	[thread overview]
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Thank you, Stefan! This clarifies a few things, and a lot of others too!! ;)

It seems I'll learn very much about Linux and its 'guts' moving to Void 
Linux, what is a fine irony, since I was looking for a distro 'simpler' 
than my current one, and which 'just works' ! So far, I've got my share of 
troubles with "*systemd*" implementations (I lost TWO HDs due to errors 
related to it!...), and I was willing to find a "systemd free" distro which 
isn't too much complicated to install and configure! I think I found it! :)

Now, its' a question of free time and *easy mind* to sit at my desktop, 
start my VM with Void Linux/LXDE, make all personal settings I want and, if 
successful, install Void Linux "officially" at a partition in my 500 GB 
Hard Drive! BTW, can I maintain my current '/home' partition (from my 
current  system, Mageia) without any hassle ?...

Regards to all! 

Em sexta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2015 11:58:31 UTC-3, Stefan Mühlinghaus 
> The groups on your system will probably vary somewhat from that list since 
> you will have diffent software installed and without the software that uses 
> the groups having them is quite pointless. That means you should not just 
> create groups on your system that are not already there.
> Serveral groups just allow access to some hardware on your system. These 
> are for example *floppy, dialout, audio, video, cdrom, scanner, network*. 
> You need to add your user to these groups if that kind of hardware exists 
> and your user needs access to it.
> *audio*, *video*, *cdrom* and *scanner* are probably good ideas.
> Networking is usually established by root during boot so your user 
> probably will not need to be in *network* or *dialout*.
> You need to be in the *kvm* group if you want to use KVM-based virtual 
> machines.
> *wireshark*, *clamav*, *socklog* and *pulse-access* are really only 
> relevant if you are using the corresponding software and then it depends on 
> the software what it actually means to be in the group. Wireshark is a 
> network protocol analyzer, ClamAV is a virus scanner and Socklog a system 
> message logger. If you do not have/use these programs you do not need to be 
> in their groups. You you are using PulseAudio for audio on your system it 
> may be a good idea for your user to be in the *pulse-access* group to 
> gain access to the PulseAudio server.
> If you create a new user it usually gets its own group with the same name 
> as the user itself. What the members of this group can or cannot do is 
> completely up to you. You may also add your user to the *users* group but 
> unless you explicitly give this group any special meaning it does not give 
> you any advantages.
> The *wheel* group is used by *su* and *sudo* to determine who may gain 
> root access via these commands. If you want that your user should be in 
> *wheel*. You however also need to configure that behaviour in 
> /etc/sudoers.
> I hope this clarifies a few things :)

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