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* Can't install/upgrade grub after taking a lvm snapshot
@ 2019-03-05  8:25 Trevis Scoffer
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From: Trevis Scoffer @ 2019-03-05  8:25 UTC (permalink / raw)
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I am having a bit similar issue... like this: 
I can't properly update my grub after taking LVM snapshot...

sudo modprobe dm-snapshot
sudo lvcreate -L 50G -n snap1 -s /dev/linuxvg/rootfs
Warning: Monitoring failed on snap1
Warning: Monitoring failed on rootfs
Logical volume "snap1" created


sudo xbps-reconfigure -f linux4.19
linux4.19: configuring ...
Executing post-install kernel hook: 20-dracut ...
Executing post-install kernel hook: 50-grub ...
Generating grub configuration file ...
grub-probe: error:unknown filesystem.
/usr/bin/grub-prob: error unknown filesystem
Found Void on /dev/mapper/linuxvg-snap1

With a reboot, I end up with blank screen...

My fstab:

cat /etc/fstab 
UUID=de2e2df6-595d-4f8e-9537-a03459113cbd / ext4 defaults 0 1
UUID=3C5D-89E5 /boot/efi vfat defaults 0 2
tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,nosuid,nodev 0 0

and grub-config:

# Configuration file for GRUB.
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="loglevel=4 slub_debug=P page_poison=1 
# Uncomment to use basic console
# Uncomment to disable graphical terminal
# Uncomment and set to the desired menu colors. Used by normal and wallpaper
# modes only. Entries specified as foreground/background.

and lvm.conf: http://0x0.st/zo2u.txt

Edit: I have lost my irc nick, so can't join there

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2019-03-05  8:25 Can't install/upgrade grub after taking a lvm snapshot Trevis Scoffer

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