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Subject: Re: How to set a new user?
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2016 09:58:29 -0800 (PST)	[thread overview]
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yes all you'll get is a ROOT user -- on Vbox or a regualr install... 
Because you're the dude or dudette that is in full control of that system, 
so logically you're going to have only root user. that is old school, good 
school. from there you just create your user or users you want on the 
system, then do your superUser duties in providing the user with what he or 
she needs to run the system themselves. Ie sudo, and such ... happy days, 

On Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 3:21:10 PM UTC-5, André Luiz Duarte de 
Queiroz wrote:
> Hi, I've just installed Void Linux in a virtual machine from its liveCD 
> (X86_64 version, with LXDE), for testing purposes; I'm looking for a distro 
> "systemd free" to, eventually, replace my current desktop system (Mageia) 
> and, so far, I'm very impressed and hopeful with Void Linux! Both liveCDs 
> I've got ('flavours' LXDE, and XFCE with "musl") run so fast they look  
> already installed in the HD! Quite impressive!!
> However, I've some doubts; after installed LXDE version at a VirtualBox 
> virtual machine, when trying o run it for the first time, I've found that 
> there was only root user defined; there's no common uses set during 
> installing process...
> In the initial screen, the system requires user login. I tried to login as 
> anon with default password, but it failed. I did login as root user (" su 
> "), with the password I set during installing (that text only installing 
> tool is much more simple than graphical tools I'm used with using Mageia 
> and other distros... but it works!). Being a KDE user (running Mageia), I'm 
> not used with LCDE sessions, and just don't know where/how to set a common 
> user, once login as "su" is not a good policy, even when working in a 
> virtual machine...! I couldn't find yet any graphical tool to set a new 
> user and other system settings, should I make this through a terminal?
> I have other doubts about setting the system, especially some related to 
> multi-language input in Void Linux (with ibus), but I shall wait to clarify 
> such topics after have solved basic settings of the system.
> I look forward to have a sooner reply from you, folks!
> Regards!

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