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* [ANNOUNCE] wireguard-linux-compat v1.0.20200611 released
@ 2020-06-11  8:22 Jason A. Donenfeld
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From: Jason A. Donenfeld @ 2020-06-11  8:22 UTC (permalink / raw)
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A new version, v1.0.20200611, of the backported WireGuard kernel module for
3.10 <= Linux <= 5.5.y has been tagged in the git repository.

== Changes ==

  * qemu: always use cbuild gcc rather than system gcc
  * qemu: remove -Werror in order to build ancient kernels better
  * qemu: patch kernels that rely on ancient make
  * qemu: force 2MB pages for binutils 2.31
  * qemu: use cbuild gcc for avx512 exclusion
  * qemu: add extra fill in idt handler for newer binutils
  * qemu: support fetching kernels for arbitrary URLs
  * qemu: patch in UTS_UBUNTU_RELEASE_ABI for Ubuntu detection
  * qemu: work around broken centos8 kernel
  * qemu: mark per_cpu_load_addr as static for gcc-10
  Our qemu test suite can now handle more kernels and more compilers. Scroll
  down to the bottom of to see the
  expanded array of kernels we now test against, including some distro kernels.
  * compat: widen breadth of integer constants
  * compat: widen breadth of memzero_explicit backport
  * compat: backport skb_scrub_packet to 3.11
  * compat: widen breadth of prandom_u32_max backport
  * compat: narrow the breadth of iptunnel_xmit backport
  * compat: backport iptunnel_xmit to 3.11
  With the expanded qemu test suite, it was possible to expand our list of
  mainline kernels, so the backport compat layer is now more precise.
  * compat: ubuntu appears to have backported ipv6_dst_lookup_flow
  * compat: bionic-hwe-5.0/disco kernel backported skb_reset_redirect and ipv6 flow
  Ubuntu kernels changed recently, so this ensures we can compile with the
  latest Ubuntu releases.
  * compat: remove stale suse support
  WireGuard is now part of SUSE 15.2, and the older series is no longer
  supported by SUSE. This means we only need to support SUSE 15.1.

This release contains commits from: Jason A. Donenfeld.

As always, the source is available at
and information about the project is available at .

This version is available in compressed tarball form here:
  SHA2-256: 9b0478c3b1f3a7b488916e632e2fcbb1383bb1a2ef294489858ce2ba1da3246d

A PGP signature of that file decompressed is available here:
  Signing key: AB9942E6D4A4CFC3412620A749FC7012A5DE03AE
  Remember to unxz the tarball before verifying the signature.

If you're a package maintainer, please bump your package version. If you're a
user, the WireGuard team welcomes any and all feedback on this latest version.

Finally, WireGuard development thrives on donations. By popular demand, we
have a webpage for this:

Thank you,
Jason Donenfeld



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2020-06-11  8:22 [ANNOUNCE] wireguard-linux-compat v1.0.20200611 released Jason A. Donenfeld

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