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From: Ray Andrews <rayandrews@eastlink.ca>
To: Zsh Users <zsh-users@zsh.org>
Subject: whence output varies with dot vs. realpath in $PATH
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2022 06:30:27 -0700	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <8cfe03ee-cddc-f70b-0c62-b506e49dfe58@eastlink.ca> (raw)

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Trying to get whence to be both case insensitive and accepting of 
patterns I noticed something interesting.  The first item in my $PATH is 
the dot, I take this as not unusual because one might want to execute 
some command found in the current directory. Anyway:

    0 /aWorking/Zsh/Source/Wk 1 $ whence -mavS "(#i)*rap"

    RAP is an alias for echo howdy
    _trap is an autoload shell function
    rap is a shell function from rap
    trap is a shell builtin
    bwrap is /usr/bin/bwrap
    select-default-iwrap is /usr/bin/select-default-iwrap

... I have a whole load of various absurdly named test files in the 
current directory but whence doesn't find them.  However if I modify my 
PATH to make the dot expand to the ( do we say 'canonical' ? ) ... the 
actual name of the current directory:

    0 /aWorking/Zsh/Source/Wk 1 $ vared PATH

... everything is found:

0 /aWorking/Zsh/Source/Wk 1 $ whence -mavS "(#i)*rap"

    RAP is an alias for echo howdy
    _trap is an autoload shell function
    rap is a shell function from rap
    trap is a shell builtin
    RAP is /aWorking/Zsh/Source/Wk/RAP
    RAP is RAP
    RAp is /aWorking/Zsh/Source/Wk/RAp
    RAp is RAp
    RaP is /aWorking/Zsh/Source/Wk/RaP -> /aWorking/Zsh/Source/Wk/RAP
    RaP is RaP
    bwrap is /usr/bin/bwrap
    rAp is /aWorking/Zsh/Source/Wk/rAp
    rAp is rAp
    select-default-iwrap is /usr/bin/select-default-iwrap

... all my silly files show up, infact they show up twice.  The eg: "RAP 
is RAP" doesn't seem to say very much when we already have: "RAP is 

We can even get three restatements:

     2 /aWorking/Zsh/Source/Wk 0 $ /bin

     2 /bin 0 $ whence -mavS "zsh"

     zsh is ./zsh
     zsh is /usr/bin/zsh
     zsh is zsh

... again the last line doesn't seem very useful.  The first is of 
course true and the second line seems to highlight the fact that in 
Debian '/bin' is a link to '/usr/bin'.

Thoughts? Can I have the full output while leaving the dot in my path?

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