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From: Oliver Kiddle <opk@zsh.org>
To: Zsh workers <zsh-workers@zsh.org>
Subject: PATCH: don't reopen completion dump for append 26 times
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2021 20:16:25 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <49155-1632766585.200905@F_BP.pomt.vBre> (raw)

I'm getting slow zsh startup times which zprof puts down to zcompdump.
The real problem has to be something in my NFS setup which is a separate
problem. But changing compdump to not reopen the dump file 26 times for
APPEND does alleviate the problem. This appending isn't necessary and
avoiding it may help performance in other cases. Most people complaining
about slow startup on stackoverflow etc are probably running compinit
more than once with a different fpath thanks to their plugin framework
so this won't do much for them.

However, any objections to the following change? Or would it be better
to enclose everything in braces and use a stdout redirection?


diff --git a/Completion/compdump b/Completion/compdump
index e0dc8b805..6daf92f9f 100644
--- a/Completion/compdump
+++ b/Completion/compdump
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
 emulate -L zsh
 setopt extendedglob noshglob
-typeset _d_file _d_f _d_bks _d_line _d_als _d_files _d_name _d_tmp
+typeset _d_file _d_f _d_fd _d_bks _d_line _d_als _d_files _d_name _d_tmp
 [[ $_d_file = //* ]] && _d_file=${_d_file[2,-1]}
@@ -33,44 +33,45 @@ if [[ -n "$_comp_secure" ]]; then
   (( $#_d_wdirs ))  && _d_files=( "${(@)_d_files:#(${(j:|:)_d_wdirs})/*}" )
-print "#files: $#_d_files\tversion: $ZSH_VERSION" > $_d_file
+exec {_d_fd}>$_d_file
+print "#files: $#_d_files\tversion: $ZSH_VERSION" >& $_d_fd
 # Dump the arrays _comps, _services and _patcomps.  The quoting
 # hieroglyphics ensure that a single quote inside a variable is itself
 # correctly quoted.
-print "\n_comps=(" >> $_d_file
+print "\n_comps=(" >& $_d_fd
 for _d_f in ${(ok)_comps}; do
   print -r - "${(qq)_d_f}" "${(qq)_comps[$_d_f]}"
-done >> $_d_file
-print ")" >> $_d_file
+done >& $_d_fd
+print ")" >& $_d_fd
-print "\n_services=(" >> $_d_file
+print "\n_services=(" >& $_d_fd
 for _d_f in ${(ok)_services}; do
   print -r - "${(qq)_d_f}" "${(qq)_services[$_d_f]}"
-done >> $_d_file
-print ")" >> $_d_file
+done >& $_d_fd
+print ")" >& $_d_fd
-print "\n_patcomps=(" >> $_d_file
+print "\n_patcomps=(" >& $_d_fd
 for _d_f in ${(ok)_patcomps}; do
   print -r - "${(qq)_d_f}" "${(qq)_patcomps[$_d_f]}"
-done >> $_d_file
-print ")" >> $_d_file
+done >& $_d_fd
+print ")" >& $_d_fd
-print "\n_postpatcomps=(" >> $_d_file
+print "\n_postpatcomps=(" >& $_d_fd
 for _d_f in ${(ok)_postpatcomps}; do
   print -r - "${(qq)_d_f}" "${(qq)_postpatcomps[$_d_f]}"
-done >> $_d_file
-print ")" >> $_d_file
+done >& $_d_fd
+print ")" >& $_d_fd
-print "\n_compautos=(" >> $_d_file
+print "\n_compautos=(" >& $_d_fd
 for _d_f in "${(ok@)_compautos}"; do
   print -r - "${(qq)_d_f}" "${(qq)_compautos[$_d_f]}"
-done >> $_d_file
-print ")" >> $_d_file
+done >& $_d_fd
+print ")" >& $_d_fd
-print >> $_d_file
+print >& $_d_fd
 # Now dump the key bindings. We dump all bindings for zle widgets
 # whose names start with a underscore.
@@ -90,15 +91,15 @@ zle -lL |
       print -r - ${_d_line}
-  done >> $_d_file
+  done >& $_d_fd
 bindkey |
   while read -rA _d_line; do
     if [[ ${_d_line[2]} = (${(j.|.)~_d_bks}) ]]; then
       print -r "bindkey '${_d_line[1][2,-2]}' ${_d_line[2]}"
-  done >> $_d_file
+  done >& $_d_fd
-print >> $_d_file
+print >& $_d_fd
 # Autoloads: look for all defined functions beginning with `_' (that also
@@ -109,7 +110,7 @@ _d_als=($^fpath/(${(o~j.|.)$(typeset +fm '_*')})(N:t))
 # print them out:  about five to a line looks neat
 integer _i=5
-print -n autoload -Uz >> $_d_file
+print -n autoload -Uz >& $_d_fd
 while (( $#_d_als )); do
   if (( ! $+_compautos[$_d_als[1]] )); then
     print -n " $_d_als[1]"
@@ -119,19 +120,20 @@ while (( $#_d_als )); do
   shift _d_als
-done >> $_d_file
+done >& $_d_fd
-print >> $_d_file
+print >& $_d_fd
 local _c
 for _c in "${(ok@)_compautos}"; do
-  print "autoload -Uz $_compautos[$_c] $_c" >> $_d_file
+  print "autoload -Uz $_compautos[$_c] $_c" >& $_d_fd
-print >> $_d_file
+print >& $_d_fd
-print "typeset -gUa _comp_assocs" >> $_d_file
-print "_comp_assocs=( ${(qq)_comp_assocs} )" >> $_d_file
+print "typeset -gUa _comp_assocs" >& $_d_fd
+print "_comp_assocs=( ${(qq)_comp_assocs} )" >& $_d_fd
+exec {_d_fd}>&-
 mv -f $_d_file ${_d_file%.$HOST.$$}

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