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From: dana <dana@dana.is>
To: "Zsh hackers list" <zsh-workers@zsh.org>
Subject: [PATCH] Improve _htop
Date: Fri, 06 May 2022 21:25:24 -0500	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <77cc388c-7acc-40ad-bd59-40b3d2bc4f29@www.fastmail.com> (raw)

[PATCH] Improve _htop

Someone submitted a PR on GitHub (#89) to fix htop's --version short-hand
amongst other things. There were a few trivial issues with the change as
well as some existing bugs/omissions that it didn't account for, so i said
i'd use the PR as a basis for a more elaborate improvement. Here's that
finally. With their permission i'll probably commit it in the original
author's name

Are we holding back completion improvements like this until after 5.9 is
released? (See also Marlon's patch from workers/49954)


* Corrected -v to -V
* Made -u argument optional
* Enabled option stacking
* Improved descriptions (added ranges+defaults, &c.)
* Fixed broken sort keys with htop 3.x and added new key descriptions
* Removed _sequence limit on -p (it was incorrect on non-Linux systems,
  and making it correct seems like too much work for a limit that probably
  nobody will ever hit)
* Added several missing options


diff --git a/Completion/Linux/Command/_htop b/Completion/Linux/Command/_htop
index 28c7512bf..6635181bc 100644
--- a/Completion/Linux/Command/_htop
+++ b/Completion/Linux/Command/_htop
@@ -1,11 +1,56 @@
-#compdef htop
-_arguments -S : \
-  '(-d --delay)'{-d+,--delay=}'[update frequency]:duration (tenths of seconds)' \
-  '(-C --no-color --no-colour)'{-C,--no-colo{,u}r}'[monochrome mode]' \
-  '(-)'{-h,--help}'[display usage information]' \
-  \*{-p+,--pid=}'[show given pids]: : _sequence -n ${$(</proc/sys/kernel/pid_max)\:-32768} _pids' \
-  '(-s --sort-key)'{-s+,--sort-key=}'[sort by key]:key:( ${(f)"$(_call_program sort-keys $words[1] --sort-key help)"} )' \
-  '(-t --tree)'{-t,--tree}'[show tree view of processes]' \
-  '(-u --user)'{-u+,--user=}'[show processes of user]: : _users' \
-  '(-)'{-v,--version}'[display version information]'
+#compdef htop pcp-htop
+# Notes:
+# - htop allows long options to be passed with a single dash; we don't account
+#   for this
+# - htop parses optional arguments to -H and -u 'cleverly' by allowing the next
+#   word to be the optarg if it doesn't begin with a '-'; we don't fully account
+#   for this
+# - There is a special version of htop designed to be used with PCP (Performance
+#   CoPilot); we don't fully account for this
+# - Some of the ranges and defaults listed here had to be found in the source
+local MATCH MBEGIN MEND ret=1
+local -a context line state state_descr args tmp
+  '(-d --delay)'{-d+,--delay=}'[specify update frequency]:delay (tenths of seconds) (1-100) [15]'
+  '(-C --no-color --no-colour)'{-C,--no-colo{,u}r}'[use monochrome colour scheme]'
+  '(-F --filter)'{-F+,--filter=}'[show only commands matching specified filter]:case-insensitive command-line sub-string:_process_names -a'
+  '(-)'{-h,--help}'[display usage information]'
+  '(-H --highlight-changes)'{-H+,--highlight-changes=}'[highlight new and old processes (optionally specify delay)]::delay (seconds) (1-86400) [5]'
+  '(-M --no-mouse)'{-M,--no-mouse}'[disable mouse]'
+  \*{-p+,--pid=}'[show only specified PIDs]: : _sequence _pids'
+  '--readonly[disable all system and process changing features]'
+  '(-s --sort-key)'{-s+,--sort-key=}'[sort by specified column]: :->sort-keys'
+  '(-t --tree)'{-t,--tree}'[show tree view of processes]'
+  '(-u --user)'{-u+,--user=}'[show only processes of current or specified user]:: : _users'
+  '(-U --no-unicode)'{-U,--no-unicode}'[disable Unicode]'
+  '(-)'{-V,--version}'[display version information]'
+[[ $OSTYPE == linux* ]] &&
+(( ! EUID || $+_comp_priv_prefix )) &&
+_pick_variant libcap=drop-capabilities $OSTYPE --help &&
+  '--drop-capabilities=-[drop specified capabilties]::mode [basic]:((
+    off\:"do not drop capabilities"
+    basic\:"drop capabilities not needed for standard functionality (retains kill, renice, etc.)"
+    strict\:"drop capabilities not needed for core functionality"
+  ))'
+_arguments -s -S : $args && ret=0
+case $state in
+  sort-keys)
+    tmp=( ${(f)"$(_call_program sort-keys $words[1] --sort-key help)"} )
+    tmp=( ${tmp/#[[:space:]]##} )
+    tmp=( ${tmp//:/\\:} )
+    tmp=( ${tmp/[[:space:]]##/:} )
+    tmp=( ${tmp/(#m):[A-Z]/${(L)MATCH}} )
+    _describe -t sort-keys 'column (key)' tmp && ret=0
+    ;;
+return ret

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