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From: Martijn Dekker <martijn@inlv.org>
To: Zsh hackers list <zsh-workers@zsh.org>
Subject: [PATCH] fix some typos in the documentation
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2019 16:12:32 +0100
Message-ID: <b2eebdc4-1ece-b5e8-95f5-6278d0d23ffa@inlv.org> (raw)

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- M.

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diff --git a/Doc/Zsh/cond.yo b/Doc/Zsh/cond.yo
index 4ca132a26..000e576d0 100644
--- a/Doc/Zsh/cond.yo
+++ b/Doc/Zsh/cond.yo
@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ tt(match) is set to the substrings that matched parenthesised
 subexpressions and the arrays tt(mbegin) and tt(mend) to the indices of
 the start and end positions, respectively, of the substrings within
 var(string).  The arrays are not set if there were no parenthesised
-subexpresssions.  For example, if the string `tt(a short string)' is matched
+subexpressions.  For example, if the string `tt(a short string)' is matched
 against the regular expression `tt(s+LPAR()...RPAR()t)', then (assuming the
 option tt(KSH_ARRAYS) is not set) tt(MATCH), tt(MBEGIN)
 and tt(MEND) are `tt(short)', tt(3) and tt(7), respectively, while tt(match),
diff --git a/Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo b/Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo
index d32ba018d..a4dc8a3ae 100644
--- a/Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo
+++ b/Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo
@@ -677,7 +677,7 @@ As an example, ~[g:p:s] might specify:
 The top level directory for your git area.  This first component
-has to match, or the function will retrun indicating another
+has to match, or the function will return indicating another
 directory name hook function should be tried.
diff --git a/Doc/Zsh/expn.yo b/Doc/Zsh/expn.yo
index 5f7aaa1b3..d7147dbd7 100644
--- a/Doc/Zsh/expn.yo
+++ b/Doc/Zsh/expn.yo
@@ -1139,7 +1139,7 @@ form of single quoting is used that only quotes the string if needed to
 protect special characters.  Typically this form gives the most readable
-If a tt(q+) is given, an extended form of minmal quoting is used that
+If a tt(q+) is given, an extended form of minimal quoting is used that
 causes unprintable characters to be rendered using tt($')var(...)tt(').
 This quoting is similar to that used by the output of values by the
 tt(typeset) family of commands.
diff --git a/Doc/Zsh/mod_mapfile.yo b/Doc/Zsh/mod_mapfile.yo
index 96e056816..640beeb12 100644
--- a/Doc/Zsh/mod_mapfile.yo
+++ b/Doc/Zsh/mod_mapfile.yo
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ editing the file `tt(myfile)'.
 When the array is accessed as a whole, the keys are the names of files in
 the current directory, and the values are empty (to save a huge overhead in
-memory).  Thus tt(${(k)mapfile}) has the same affect as the glob operator
+memory).  Thus tt(${(k)mapfile}) has the same effect as the glob operator
 tt(*(D)), since files beginning with a dot are not special.  Care must be
 taken with expressions such as tt(rm ${(k)mapfile}), which will delete
 every file in the current directory without the usual `tt(rm *)' test.
diff --git a/Doc/Zsh/mod_parameter.yo b/Doc/Zsh/mod_parameter.yo
index 942e4c5b6..2e3011e44 100644
--- a/Doc/Zsh/mod_parameter.yo
+++ b/Doc/Zsh/mod_parameter.yo
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ For any other function, including any defined at an interactive prompt or
 an autoload function whose path has not yet been resolved, this is
 the empty string.  However, the hash element is reported as defined
 just so long as the function is present:  the keys to this hash are
-the same as those to tt($funcions).
+the same as those to tt($functions).
diff --git a/Doc/Zsh/params.yo b/Doc/Zsh/params.yo
index 9acd52f2e..5025ef477 100644
--- a/Doc/Zsh/params.yo
+++ b/Doc/Zsh/params.yo
@@ -1674,7 +1674,7 @@ For example, with the tt(EXTENDED_GLOB) option set, the following:
-causes reports for activity assoicated with any user other than tt(pws)
+causes reports for activity associated with any user other than tt(pws)
 or tt(barts).
diff --git a/Doc/intro.ms b/Doc/intro.ms
index fcca33dd8..4dd08f601 100644
--- a/Doc/intro.ms
+++ b/Doc/intro.ms
@@ -2146,7 +2146,7 @@ Of course, a hackish workaround is available in sh (and \fBzsh\fP):
-If you like the sh behaviour, \fBzsh\fP can accomodate you:
+If you like the sh behaviour, \fBzsh\fP can accommodate you:
@@ -2441,7 +2441,7 @@ and command line while leaving command output unhighlighted, try this:
-This trick is mostly superceded by the zle_highlight array parameter.
+This trick is mostly superseded by the zle_highlight array parameter.
 .Sh "Login/logout watching"
 You can specify login or logout events to monitor

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