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From: sirjofri <sirjofri+ml-9fans@sirjofri.de>
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Subject: Re: [9fans] acme and sam - mouse suggestions?
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2022 07:48:30 +0000 (UTC)	[thread overview]
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Hello all,

I just quickly want to share my experience, although I haven't used any 
real three buttons mouse in the last ten years.

For my laptop system I really love the (older) IBM/lenovo trackpoint. It 
has three physical buttons below the keyboard and I can reach them easily 
with my thumbs. I'm sure many of you know this experience.

It's a different story on newer lenovo laptops (the ones with the modern 
keyboard) where the point feels sluggish and tends to drift, which is 
extremely annoying. Also it's deeper and it doesn't feel like you control 
the joystick.

For my desktop environment I prefer the cheapest usable wired vertical 
mouse with scrollwheel (20 Euros)[1]. It's almost one of the first search 
results on amazon and it looks like many brands just use the exact same 
model from the same (chinese?) manufacturer, although there are slight 
differences in quality and feel.

I can click on the scrollwheel to create a MB2 event, which is fine for 
me. I have to say I have used blender for years and am using Unreal 
Engine as a job, so I'm used to using the scrollwheel.

The cheap vertical mice usually have two additional buttons at the thumb 
side in the upper part of the devices. They are mapped to 
forward/backward, but they're irrelevant for any 9 experience. I also 
have another wireless vertical mouse where these buttons are in the 
bottom part.

In my experience it's better to have them in the upper part since you 
grab the mouse for dragging them around while repositioning. However, 
it's just weird holding the mouse in the air while pressing one of the 
buttons in the lower part. It's like pushing a button downwards while 
keeping the device up, against gravity. However, that's just my personal 
opinion. I barely use the device as I'm mostly in an office-like 
situation and for mobile the trackpoint has more benefits.


[1] if you try to get one of these make sure to not get the very 
cheapest. When I was looking the first I bought was 15 euros and it broke 
after half a year or so, the next one I got for 20 euros was fine and 
it's still in use after years. The material is not the best and feels 
cheap but I guess that's what you get for this price.

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