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From: ori@eigenstate.org
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Subject: Re: [9fans] Formation of a Plan 9 Core Team
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2024 09:49:26 -0500	[thread overview]
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In my experience, an open source team forms when
someone does work.  If the work is good, others join
in.  They start with someone taking initiative to

Eventually, it may make sense to put in some
bureaucracy, as people doing the work struggle to
communicate effectively.

Right now, it appears that (outside 9front) the problem
is the opposite -- there's a lot of folks trying to
communicate a direction, but far too few sharing code.

It may be worth quoting the FreeBSD wiki on what their
core team does:

    The FreeBSD/core team manages the project as a
    whole.  In theory, they set the long term goals and
    agenda for development and then delegate the
    implementation of these goals to the appropriate
    teams.  In reality, the groups of developers doing
    work in a particular area tend to have an even
    greater say in the direction of the project.  The
    core team has historically recognized this and
    gives great deference to active, productive members
    of the community in matters of direction.  Core,
    and its members, encourage the developer community
    to work together towards a consensus driven final
    goal.  Core rarely explicitly endorses these goals,
    but often takes note of progress or its lack in
    areas important to the project.

Again, it's worth emphasizing here that the FreeBSD
core team sees its job as facilitating consensus, and
dictating direction is a failure mode rather than the
common outcome.

Don't worry: if you start setting a direction and
making progress, you'll have a peanut gallery chiming
in and trying to chart the work you do.  If you're
lucky, some may even help.

Quoth Vester \Vic\" Thacker <vester.thacker@fastmail.fm>:
> Is there interest in establishing a dedicated Plan 9 Core Team to spearhead its technical development? When we look at other communities like FreeBSD, they have both a foundation and a core team, with the latter overseeing the technical aspects of the project. If this idea resonates with you, then the idea of selecting members for the Plan 9 Core Team is worth considering.
> It's important to note that the Plan 9 ecosystem consists of multiple distributions. It's possible that the technical leaders of these projects might be willing to step up and contribute their expertise to the Plan 9 Core Team, offering valuable guidance and facilitating the development of a new mainline.
> The Core Team's responsibilities would include making the tough decisions required to chart the future course of Plan 9. What are your thoughts on this proposal?
> --vic

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