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From: william@thinktankworkspaces.com
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Subject: Re: [9front] Free Carrots #5: MNT Reform
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2022 16:12:59 -0700	[thread overview]
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Quoth sl@stanleylieber.com:
> http://helpful.cat-v.org/Blog/2022/07/12/0/
> sl

Nicely done! Thanks. Question

I tried to install in a bigger sd card using an usb to sd adapter

the NVMe card has not arrived but it would be nice to have it installed
on a larger sd card. I was not sure how to reclaim space. When I run 
inst/start I can partion the new drive but having issues mounting the medium

Preparing menu...% mount /srv/9660.dist /n/dist /n/distmedia///9front.iso
mount: mount /n/dist: unknown format
% mount /srv/dos /n/distmedia /dev/sdU7b1211/dos
% mount /srv/9660.dist /n/dist /n/distmedia///9front.iso
mount: mount /n/dist: unknown format

I can manually run the mount when I break out !rc but Its still the same

unknown format. 

I tried multiple images including i386 and renamed them as well


I have multiple sd cards in usb adapters. I'm trying to build out 
/dev/sdU7b121/data but the images are in /dev/sdU7b1211

anyways here is the controller

dev/sdM0: USDHC Host Controller
/dev/sdM0/dos	 dos
/dev/sdM0/fs	 hjfs
/dev/sdU7b121: Generic Mass-Storage 1.11
/dev/sdU7b121/fs	 hjfs
/dev/sdU7b1211: Generic Mass-Storage 1.11
/dev/sdU7b1211/dos	 dos

Please wait... Scanning storage devices...

The following storage media were detected.
Choose the one containing the distribution.

	/dev/sdM0/dos (microsoft fat)
	/dev/sdU7b1211/dos (microsoft fat)

Distribution disk (/dev/sdM0/dos, /dev/sdU7b1211/dos, /dev/sdU7b121/fs, /)[no default]: /dev/sdU7b1211/dos
% mount /srv/dos /n/distmedia /dev/sdU7b1211/dos

Which directory contains the distribution?
Any of the following will suffice (in order of preference):
	- the root directory of the cd image
	- the directory containing 9front.iso
	- the directory containing 9front.iso.bz2

I might be going about this wrong


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