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From: william@thinktankworkspaces.com
To: 9front@9front.org
Subject: Re: [9front] Free Carrots #5: MNT Reform
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2022 20:53:14 -0700	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <498FCDB9AB7EDC5D68AB7695518D6EB0@thinktankworkspaces.com> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <ED0184D1-FB85-4A86-871E-8F608594C8CC@stanleylieber.com>

I know that. The installer just does not recognize xxxxxx-reform.img.gz. Even when I uncompress
it and rename it to 9front.iso. 

I have three sd cards. 

currently sd1 boots up 9front perfectly

sd2 just contains fat32 with the reform.img its mounted inside a usb adapter. I renamed to 9front.iso

sd3 is a 64G card mounted inside of another usb adapter. inst/start will see it, mount it and partition
it just fine. The goal is to use that as the sd card and no usb. It fits inside the usb adapter. Its temporary
just for the installer

But the installer just doesn't recognize the xxxx-reform.img renamed to 9front.iso on the fat32 sd2-usb-drive. 
So I get stuck.

i can escape !rc and see that the drive is mounted. I also see the contents in /shr/sdU7b1211/dos. I see multiple img's and iso's, some compressed and some uncompressed

I know its not corrupted. 

 Preparing menu...% mount /srv/9660.dist /n/dist /n/distmedia///9front.iso
> >mount: mount /n/dist: unknown format
> >% mount /srv/dos /n/distmedia /dev/sdU7b1211/dos
> >% mount /srv/9660.dist /n/dist /n/distmedia///9front.iso
> >mount: mount /n/dist: unknown format

What I'm doing should not be out of scope. inst/start should recognize 9660 type right?

Quoth Stanley Lieber <sl@stanleylieber.com>:
> On July 17, 2022 9:56:24 PM EDT, william@thinktankworkspaces.com wrote:
> >Yes I made sure to unzip the archive which is obvious. I also made sure
> >to rename the image to 9fron.iso
> >
> >I can cat the image to the sd drive and it boots up with 1.2G fs with 
> >30G of unclaimed space or empty partition. Not sure how to reclaim that 
> >extra space. 
> >
> >so inst/start was the plan to try to reclain that space but 
> >after it does mountfs I run into the following
> >
> >Preparing menu...% mount /srv/9660.dist /n/dist /n/distmedia///9front.iso
> >mount: mount /n/dist: unknown format
> >% mount /srv/dos /n/distmedia /dev/sdU7b1211/dos
> >% mount /srv/9660.dist /n/dist /n/distmedia///9front.iso
> >mount: mount /n/dist: unknown format
> >
> >This is an uncompressed image. 
> >
> >I also just tried to build the iso from scratch but ran into other issues. 
> >
> > mk /tmp/9fron.arm64.iso
> >mk: don't know how to make '/tmp/9fron.arm64.iso' in directory /sys/lib/dist
> >
> >Next is to skip mountfs and go to copydist. I think I will need to make some modifcations
> > to /rc/bin/inst/copydist to get it working. But then I got a bit lost with 
> >
> >disk/mkfs -z 16372 -U -s /n/dist /n/newfs /sys/lib/sysconfig/proto/allproto
> >
> >I guess bind the system root to /n/dist then try to run it or do something different
> >
> >not sure of the proto. I read it might be better to run 
> >
> >disk/mkfs -a -s dist proto > arch but I think I got an error on that
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >Quoth james palmer <james@biobuf.link>:
> >> On 17 July 2022 04:23:01 BST, william@thinktankworkspaces.com wrote:
> >> >I gave up and cat 9front-c5cf9b3e26033272c5f57b9a860c335e63786045.reform.img.gz > /dev/sdU7b121/data
> >> 
> >> that is a gzip archive,
> >> surely you want to unzip it first? try:
> >> 
> >> gunzip <9front-c5cf9b3e26033272c5f57b9a860c335e63786045.reform.img.gz >/dev/sdU7b121/data
> >> 
> >> - james
> >> 
> >
> >
> you can't expand the size of the sdcard .img, no matter how big your sdcard is. the purpose of running the installer is to install the operating system onto a separate device (nvme, usb, whatever). in the end you'll be booting the kernel from 9fat on the sdcard .img and the root file system from the other device. booting the kernel from anything besides sdcard requires more work nobody had done yet.
> sl

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